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Guelph Dash For Cash Results

Recently the Cambridge Aquajets competed against 14 other competitive swim clubs at the Guelph Dash for Cash Swim Meet held at the University of Guelph pool.  The meet was hosted by the Guelph Marlin Aquatic Swim Club. This meet gave swimmers the added encouragement to swim as fast as they could, with the incentive of possibility winning a cash prize for selected meet events. 

Swimmer Maya Troup grossed a very impressive 8 top 3 finishes for the CAJ team (1st in 50m butterfly, 2nd in 100m and 200m freestyle,50m and 100m backstroke and 100m butterfly and 3rd in 400m freestyle and 200m medley, followed closely by  teammate Sean Maile who swam to 7 top-three finishes (1st in 200m backstroke, 2nd in 200m freestyle and 50m butterfly and 3rd in 100m and 400m freestyle, and 50m and 100m backstroke).  

Also earning top honours were:

  • Shaunna Walker-deJong (2nd in 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle and 3rd in the 50m butterfly eliminator);
  • Hailey Murdoch (2nd in 400m freestyle and 200m breaststroke and 3rd in 50m backstroke) 
  • Jack Croswell (2nd in 400m freestyle and 200m butterfly);
  • Clare Ashton (2nd in 400m medley);
  • Josephine Streppel (2nd in 100m butterfly)

Finishing in the Top 10: Ava Caron, Ella Caron, Alexis Graham, Avery Moorhouse, Celia Moorhouse, Claire MacDougall, Brooke-Lynn Litwiller, Edward Treiss, Noah Roth, and Mary Yakoub.