MAAPP Policy Requirement- Mandated Implementation

 Good Afternoon,

The U.S. Center for Safe Sport which oversees all sexual misconduct reports in all Olympic sports is requiring that all USA SWIMMING clubs implement a mandatory Minor Abuse Prevention Policy to take effect on June 23, 2019.

Please click on the link to see the "LETTER TO MEMBERS" from Bob Vincent, USA Swimming BOD Chair and Tim Hinchey III, usa swimming President & CEO that will explain the MAAPP policy further. 

What does this mean for us? In addition to the Non-Athlete Members, all Adult Athlete Members (18 and older) are now considered an applicable adult that needs to follow the MAAPP polocy and required to take APT training to maintain clearances in good standing to participate in any USA SWIMMING activities.

  • Athletes who are 18 currently or who will be 18 on or before June 23, need to take the Athlete Protection Program by June 23rd, 2019: ADP TRAINING LINK .  Additionally, any Athletes who will turn 18 thereafter will also need to take the ADP training prior to their 18th birthday. 
We have updated our web site with additional information about the MAAPP policy with documents and forms that may apply to certain one on one interactions where applicable.  You can view the full MAAPP Policy and visit our MAAPP Policy Page by clicking the link here: MOON. MAAPP Policy Web Page
What's Next:
1.  Those that will turn 18 before August will be called to a coordinated team training day by Jeff in order to get everyone quickly compliant with APT training and clearances.  The APT training link is here: APT TRAINING LINK.  Athletes will need to register/sign in and individually take this 1 hour training. 
2. Upon completion, please be sure to sign the attached Acknowledgement of policy form and provide this form to Coach Jeff.  Our HR Director, Barb Mellett will secure a copy of all acknowledgement forms in your athlete file. 
3.  Please familiarise yourself with the policy & all documents / forms located on our MAAPP Web page (link provided above).  For convenience, we have included the permission forms for 3 of the 5 outlined situations that  seem to be most commonly applied to our adult athletes this summer. 

Permission for an unrelated applicable adult to provide local transportation to minor athlete

Permission for an unrelated applicable adult to travel to competition with minor athlete

Permission for an unrelated adult athlete to share the same lodging with a minor athlete  


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Heather Patterson- Moon Aqua Club President