MAC Parents and Athletes,

Our next swim meet is the UTAH SUMMER GAMES in Cedar City Utah.  Many people have asked, and yes we are going to this meet.  Unfortunately, we were not able to reserve a house as we did last year.  Instead we have booked hotel rooms at the Abbey Inn, located in Cedar City.  We have booked eight athlete rooms for now, and will adjust it depending on need and interest.

Transportation will depend on how many people sign up.  If we get 12+ we will reserve a team bus, if we get less than that, we will look into other options for team transportation.  

Total cost will also depend on how many we have sign up, so please RSVP immediately if you are planning on going to this swim meet so we can get the detials locked down.

For those that go, breakfast is provided by the hotel, and all other meals will be included in your cost for the trip.  Also included will be at least one team activity.

The registration and entry fee payment is done through the Utah Summer Games website

On our team website you need only reply yes or no.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  


Adam Huff

MAC Head Coach