MAC Parents and Athletes,

As many of you know, Coach Alex and I also coach the water polo program here at the Murray Rec Center.  I am very excited to look for ways that both programs can work together cooperatively so that both can grow and thrive!  I strongly believe that both sports benefit each other.  For water polo, the benefits of being a faster swimmer are obvious.  For swimming, in addition to promoting overall body strength and speed, water polo gives swimmers more opportunity to be in the water while learning and doing something different.  It can often provide a much needed "mental break" from the toughness of swim training.  Water polo also helps recruit athletes for swim teams that may not have otherwise considered swimming as a sport for them.

We are excited to be able to offer a Summer Youth Water Polo Program for ages 10-15.  Practices will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:45-10:15 AM immediately following MAC practice.  Practices will begin on June 11th, and will go until August 8th.  Registration for the season is $75.  However, all registered MAC athletes qualify for a 20% discount for registration using promo code MAC15.

Registration is online at:

Please reach out to me with any questions or concers.  I hope you will consider water polo in addition to swim training for your athlete.  Many MAC swimmers have already joined the Murray Spartan Water Polo Club and they are loving it!


Adam Huff

MAC Head Coach