Been There, Done That! - Josh Blank

On behalf of Vision Swim, I’d like to congratulate Mr. Josh Blank (14-years old) for doing what would seem as a monumental task.  This past weekend, during the Memorial Day swim meet in Santa Clarita, Josh swam the 200 Meter Breast to complete the Vision Swim’s “Every Stroke, Every Distance” milestone.

If you’re still trying to grasp that in your head, it basically means that Josh has officially swam every available event, in every available stroke in existence, during the course of his long swimming career with Vision.

Like I mentioned, this is monumental, and I’m hoping it serves as an inspiration to all our vision swimmers!  To the parents, don’t forget to keep encouraging your children to get out of their comfort zones and swim as many different events as they can in swim meets.  Thanks Josh for setting the bar!