Memorial Day Weekend Swim Meet


Congratulations to all Vision Swimmers who competed last weekend at the Memorial Day meet in Santa Clarita.  I heard from coach that even with the rain on Sunday, a lot of you still dropped your times.  I’d also like to welcome some of our new competitive swimmers, I do hope that this first meet inspired you to register for more and keep on improving.

Here are some highlights of our 15 swimmers who competed:

Arlene Arellano (14 yrs old) – Dropped 2 minutes in the 100 Breast with a time of 1:38:41 and also dropped 2 minutes in the 50 Fly.

Ethan Blank (12 yrs old) – maintained most of his times in all his events, pretty sure will drive him to do better in the next meet.

Josh Blank (14 yrs old) – as you know, with this weekend’s 200 Brest, he accomplished the “Every Stroke, Every Distance” milestone.

Hailey Cervantes – This 8-year old registered for 7 events and came out in the top 4 on all except two!  Congratulations Hailey. 

Uzziel Corona (12 yrs old) – dropped time in 3 of the 6 events! Special mention to placing 2nd overall in the 50 Free and the 200 Back!

Jean Darbo (11 yrs old) – swam three events this weekend and placed in the top 10 on all of them, 1st place in the 50 Back!

Luck Fogg (14 yrs old) – Dropped his times on the 50 Free and the 100 Fly!  Great Job!

Ovanes Gkrigkorian (15 yrs old) – Did well on all his events this weekend, one in particular, the 800 Free where he dropped 33 seconds with a time of 10:27!

Alessandro Inostroza (9 yrs old) – This kid swam 9 events this weekend and finished 1st overall in both the 200 IM and the 100 Free while also dropping times on 5 of his events.

Ava Khatibi (14 yrs old) – This butterflier continued her streak and dropped more seconds on her 50 and 100 Fly!

Nicole Khatibi (16 yrs old) - maintained most of her times in all his events, pretty sure as well that this will drive her to do better in the next meet.

Arnold Koshman (11 yrs old) – Swam two events this weekend and dropped times in both of them, the 100 Fly and the 50 Free, both by more than 2 seconds!

Cindy Perales (8 yrs old) – Very good swim in all her three events this weekend, placing in the top 10 in all of them.  2nd place overall on the 100 Fly with 1:39.

Diego Perales (13 yrs old) – Swam three events this weekend, two of them for the first time, the 50 back and the 50 Fly!  Keep improving Diego!

Eileen Portillo (12 yrs old) – Booked 8 events this weekend and dropped time on half of them.  Notable is a top 5 finish in the 50 Fly and the top 8 on the 100 Free

I would also like to congratulate our swimmers who have already qualified for the June Age Groups that will be held on June 13-16 in La Mirada.  Good luck and continue the improvement, make us proud, as always:

JAG Swimmers:

Josh Blank

Uzziel Corona

Jean Darbo

Alessandro Inostroza

Ava Khatibi

Brandon Lin

Canyon Marasigan

Aiden Mertzel

Cindy Perales

Eileen Portillo

Lara Villavicencio