Morning Practices at Springfield Country Club

 Training at Springfield Country Club Pool Morning Practices 

Begins Wednesday June 5th

For Presenior, Senior, PreNational, & National Training Groups 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday>   6:50-9:00am

  • Stretch 6:50am
  • Pool 7:00-9:00am
  • Coach John and Coach Jen
  • Athletes must bring their equipment bags
  • Athlete should already be wearing swimsuit upon arrival so there is no delay in getting into pool.

 REMINDER: Swimmer's Waiver Must be Turned into Coach John before athlete may particpate at ANY practices at Springfield Country Club Facility

 Link to waiver form>  /ohsfymca/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/scc-ymca-minor-activity-waiver-of-liability-hold-harmless-agreement-1-_069938.doc


  1. When dropping off athlete(s), be sure that a SPY Coach is present before leaving location. Please do not arrive any earlier that 6:50am
  2. Athletes are to leave area immediately after practices. No lingering/loitering in pool area and parking lot. Everyone should be leaving/picked up by 9:15am
  3. Do not enter Pool Area until SPY Coach unlocks the entrance gate.
  4. Athletes are to follow all pool rules, stay in designated swimming area for practice.

Springfield Country Club Pool Location: 

  • 2315 Signal Hill Rd, Springfield, OH
  • enlightenedSPY Team Parking Area: SPY Coaches, Swimmers, & Family members are required to park in upper level parking lot next to tennis courts. Please do not park by Clubhouse or pool entrance

 coolWeather Alerts> Check with Coach John and SPY News Feed if practice is canceled

 yes NO MORE Tuesday & Thursday Morning Practices from 5:30-7:00am at the Springfield Family YMCA for the rest of the SUMMER

 SPY New Updated Practice Schedule for June 1- July 28