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IMPORTANT: Meet Volunteers for Saturday

6/1 MEET VOLUNTEERS: If you are scheduled to volunteer at tomorrow's meet, please check in with the Volunteer Coordinators a few minutes prior to your shift (we will have a table near the shed). Remember that if you are scheduled for a second shift position (usually listed as a 9:30 start time), your shift will begin AFTER event 48 (backstroke), not at a specific time. We will pause the meet briefly to change over our judges, timers, heating and herding folks, etc.  Please keep your eye on the event call board and check in with us around event 46. If you are doing pool set up at 5:30 AM, please find our set up lead, John Warren, and check in directly with him. 

If you haven't verified your cell phone SMS in Team Unify, please do so tonight so we can text you through the system if needed. 
Thank you!   Go Lightning!!!!!!  ⚡️