Summer Lesson & Novice Information 2019


The Makos Summer Novice Program starts in 1 week!



We are looking forward to a summer of fun and learning in the pool.


Our 4 day per week swimmers and our Tuesday/Thursday swimmers will begin on Tuesday, June 11th and end on July 25th


Our Monday/Wednesday swimmers will begin on Wednesday, June 12th and end on July 24th.



Please note there is no swimming on Thursday, July 4th.


Please see the important information listed below.  Feel free to contact Coach Joy Kraus or Coach Leonard Kraus with any questions you may have.


Joy Kraus           Leonard Kraus




300 Club Pool:  3715 NW 12th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32607

Westside Pool: 1001 NW 34th St., Gainesville, FL 32607


Location Rules:

Please note the Makos pay to rent all of these facilities so we must follow the rules.


Westside Pool

**Please pay admission for any siblings or parents not participating in the Makos program if they will be swimming.

**Supervise your children before and after your time slot and siblings on the pool deck.

**Slides and diving require a swim test by the lifeguards

**Please, no deck changing


300 Club

**You must enter and exit through the side gate by the playground.

**There is no swimming for parents and siblings not in the program

**Swimmers in the program may only swim during their time slot unless they are pool members

**Supervise your children before and after your time slot as well as any siblings on the deck.

**Limit food to the upper deck of the pool area

**Please, no deck changing.

**PARKING…..Parking for Makos participants is limited to the grassy area to the right of the playground and the right side back row of the parking lot if the grass lot is full. (follow the signs) Do not park in the fire lane the handicap spot (without a placard)  You may drop your children at the side by the playground area and park. Please note, if you park anywhere else you will be asked to move your car.  




The only weather that keeps us out of the pool is thunder and lightning.  We do swim in the rain.  The city pools and the 300 club use the weatherbug alert system.  If the lightning is within 10 miles of the pool we will be asked to clear the pool and the deck.  


We rarely will cancel a practice.  We will try and wait out weather that interrupts our practice, but please note, due to arranged class sizes there is no way to go over the class times. Classes still finish at the top of the hour.


In the event of several missed practices due to weather, you will be sent an email with a make up day schedule.



Makeup Days:

Make up days may only be arranged with Coach Joy...these are limited to illness and family emergencies. As stated above we do swim in the rain.


Swimmers on the 2 day program must stick to their assigned days and times.


Swim Meets:

Our three optional swim meets are Saturday, June 22, July 6 & July 20. These meets are in the morning and will run about 2 hours. During the meets the participants will swim short races against other kids their age. This is a really fun way to see what your child has been learning. These are completely optional. You will need to sign up for the meets on the Makos website by the Wednesday before the meet. Additional instructions will be sent prior to each meet.



  What to bring to swim:

Swim suit, goggles, sunscreen and a towel



See you at the Pool....please feel free to email with any questions you may have.