Pool update + alternate training schedule options for June 2019
​Dear Bluefins,
Our most recent report of the temperature at Shearwater is better than usual: today it was 26°C in the water and 18°C in the air. We now expect that practice on Mon June 3rd will take place at Shearwater, and we will send out a notice to the team by noon that day to confirm.

However, since the temperature has been highly variable in recent weeks, it is possible that conditions could take a turn for the worse without warning. As a backup measure, our club has investigated several alternate times and locations where the team could train. These options are listed in a short survey format at the following link:
Please take a few minutes to visit that link and check off which of these alternate practice slots your swimmer(s) could attend. If you cannot accommodate any of the options listed, there is a place in the survey for you to indicate that to us.
Thank you!