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New Member Profile - Hubert Chaperon

Hubert found out about our team last fall through a USMS Google search but only began swimming regularly with us in January. He knew immediately it was a good fit as the pool is a 5-minute bike ride from his work. He had very positive impressions about the team from the beginning, saying that both Claire and Rob were super nice to him, and they gave him a few technical tips that he had never gotten before (right arm crossing over the midline in his backstroke—one of his least favorite strokes). He has also enjoyed the camaraderie of his lane mates.

Hubert is really a long-distance swimmer. In 2016, in order to impress his soon-to-be in-laws “a little bit,” he swam his first marathon swim: the 11-mile, 12-bridge Portland Bridge Swim, with his fiancée and her father kayaking alongside him. He recalled that the most difficult part of the swim was the big gap spanning about a third of the total distance of the swim between the Fremont and Burlington North Railroad bridges, as you have a feeling that you’re not making any progress.

As a triathlete, Hubert has also competed in the Ironman. What he finds most memorable about these endurance events is the finish, when your resources are fully spent and you feel submerged by the rush of emotions releasing.

As a kid, Hubert spent his summers in Brittany. He has always loved swimming—the feel of the water and the body flowing through it, the sense of freedom and weightlessness.

Hubert works in biotech. He and his wife live in the Mission in San Francisco, and they are expecting their first child in September.

Hubert swims with us MWF at 7:30, although he likes to jump in early for a “doubleback” work-out and sometimes more. And on the weekends he swims in the Bay. And … he is currently training to swim across the English Channel.

Welcome to our team, Hubert!