8 Team Records, 8 new State Events at HSSB

Earlier this week, there were 8 National Spelling Bee Champions.  This weekend we had 8 Team Records and 8 new state times.  Coincidence?  Hmmm, something to think about.


ASC improved 97 of 173 swims for 56% best times with 13 New swims and 9 DQ’s at the Howard Suamico Stormbreakers invitational last weekend.  The last chance to swim short course during long course season, ASC took advantage of this by setting 8 team records and earning 8 new state qualifying times.


Kate Schmoll went 4 for 4 team records, breaking the 100 Fly and 200 IM and resetting her own 50 BR and 200 Fly team records for 11-12 girls.  Matt Schmoll set a new team record in his first time swimming the 200 Fly for 13-14 boys, taking down a record set in 2004.  Matt was also part of a relay with Jackson Hodek, Ryan Ruhland and Alex Smits to break the 13-14 boys 200 medley relay record from 1992.  Jocelyn McNicoll also broke an old record from 2001 in the 15-18 girls 200 BR and reset her 100 BR team record.


Also impressive were the number of new state qualifying events.  Tommy McNicoll got two cuts in one event.  His 200 and 500 FR split times of his 1000 FR were both faster than the state qualifying standard.  He then earned the 100 BR and 100 Fly qualifying times.  Charlotte McNicoll also made the cut in the 50 Fly and the 50 FR.  Matt Schmoll also qualified for state in the 200 Fly and Katelyn Seder earned another state event in the 100 FR.


We had quite a few near misses for state qualifiers.  Alex Smits missed the mile by a mere 4 seconds in a terrific over a minute improvement in time.  His effort included a best time in the 500 FR and 1000 FR, which was also only 6 seconds off the state time standard.  Charlotte and Jocelyn McNicoll are both only 4 seconds off the 200 FR time standards in their age groups, Jocelyn only 3 seconds off the 200 BR time, Erin Schuch is within 2 seconds and Matt Schmoll is within .3 seconds of the 200 FR, and Parker Bohm is within .3 seconds and Trevor Dietzler is within 1 second of the 50 FR time in their age groups.  Jackson Hodek’s 400 IM is also within 4 seconds of a state time.


We had some great teamwork on Friday night, including a guest counter in Hallory Domnick.  On Sunday Maia Smet came back from her vacation to cheer on the team.  We truly have a special group of young people who give back to our team in so many ways.


It is also easier to do a good meet write up when we have so many swimmers doing well, but you might also notice we have some who did well that did not get best times either at this or at some other meets.  We look to give praise for those who are working on technique and it is always more difficult to get best times in “main events” than in off-events.  Why?  We tend to do our “main events” more often and then at championship meets, where we are rested and get our best times possible.  It is very difficult for Sienna, as an example, to improve on her 100 FR time when that time was from Mid-States All Stars, or for Jackson to go as fast in his 200 BK as he did at state last year.


We often ask swimmers to try new events so that (selfishly) we can write about it and often we discover hidden talents.  If left to choose themselves, most swimmers would choose to remain in their comfort zones.  They would choose the 50 and 100 FR, perhaps their “main stroke” which they might like or think they are really good at, but never trying “hard” events like the 200 Fly, 400 IM, distance events like the mile or their “weak stroke” like backstroke.  Of course, us coaches believe all swimmers should race all events and we train them to be good IM’ers and distance swimmers.  We are especially proud of our younger swimmers who are now taking the risk of doing a faster crossover back to breast turn on their IM’s.  You know who you are, Charlotte, Tommy, Mo and Kate.


Our next meets are at Brown Deer for Shorewood next weekend, then Fox Cities YMCA at Erb Park, WGLO back at Schroeder, Bird Bath at Erb Park, Merrill which might be short course, and then our championship season.


Our New and Improved List:

Charles Ambrosius improved 200 FR, 100 FR

Elodie Beno improved 50 FR, 50 BK

Parker Bohm swam a new 1000 FR, improved 50 BR, 200 IM, 50 FR (lead off relay), 100 IM

Isaiah Clayton improved 100 FR, 50 BR, 50 Fly

Nevaeh Clayton swam a new 1000 FR, improved 200 FR, 100 FR, 200 IM, 50 BR

Kaige Coppens improved 100 BK

Talen Coppens improved 100 FR, 25 Fly, 200 FR

Mo Couch improved 100 IM

Trevor Dietzler improved 50 FR

Maddie Flannigon improved 100 FR, 50 BR, 100 IM

Anthony Hendrickson swam a new 1000 FR and improved 200 IM, 50 FR and 50 BK

Natalie Hendrickson swam a new 25 FR and 25 BK

Andrew Hodek improved 1650 FR, 200 FR, 50 FR, 200 BK, 100 BR.  His 1000 FR split was also his best time.

Jackson Hodek improved 200 Fly, 400 IM

Nick Hodek swam a new 100 Fly and improved 1000 FR, 100 BK

Ben Hutto swam a new 1000 FR and improved 100 FR, 200 IM, 100 BR

Kayla Jacquette improved 100 BK

Charlotte McNicoll improved 1000 FR, 50 Fly, 200 IM, 200 FR, 50 FR, 100 Fly with new state cuts in the 50 Fly and 50 FR

Jocelyn McNicoll improved 1650 FR, 200 FR, 100 FR, 200 BR, 400 IM, with new team records in the 100 and 200 BR.

Tommy McNicoll improved 1000 FR qualifying in the 200 and 400 FR for this summer’s state meet, 50 FR, 100 BR in a state cut, 100 Fly in a state cut

Madison Micke improved 50 BR, 200 FR

Jocelyn Mueller swam the 50 BK and tried the 100 IM for the first time

Sienna Nitke did not get any best times, but swam a very impressive 100 FR working on a strong kick, and her times for her events are very good “mid-season” swims.

Ryan Ruhland improved 200 FR, 100 FR, 200 BR

Kara Schmoll improved 200 FR

Kate Schmoll improved 200 IM, 50 BR, 200 Fly and 100 Fly all in team records

Matt Schmoll swam a new 200 Fly qualifying for state and setting a new team record and improved 200 FR, 100 FR.  His first 100 of the 200 Fly was also his fastest 100 Fly.

Erin Schuch improved 200 FR, 100 IM, 50 Fly, 50 BK, 50 BR, 100 BR

Katelyn Seder improved 100 FR to a new state cut, 50 BR

Madison Seder improved 200 FR, 100 FR, 200 Fly

Elizabeth Selissen improved 100 FR, winning a very close heat, and the 200 IM

Emily Selissen improved 50 FR, 100 Fly

Parikshit Singh swam a new 100 BK and improved 50 BR

Alex Smits improved 1650 FR, 200 BR, 50 FR, 100 BR.  In his mile, his 500 and 1000 FR times were their fastest as well.

Barrett Van Laanen swam a new 1000 FR and improved 100 FR, 100 BK

Nolan Walter improved 100 FR, 50 Fly, 200 FR, 50 BK

Addison Warych improved 100 IM, 50 FR


Our Growing State Qualifier List:

Those with the asterisk * are currently listed as Spring only and would need to register for the summer to be able to race at State.  A disclaimer is that if we are missing anyone’s events, the event file for the state meets are not yet out on the Wisconsin Swimming website.

10 & U Girls

Kara Schmoll* 50, 100, 200, 400 FR, 50 BR, 50, 100 Fly, 200 IM

Katelyn Seder 50, 100 BK, 100 Fly, 100 FR

Charlotte McNicoll 400 FR, 50 Fly, 50 FR


10 & U Boys

Thomas McNicoll 50, 100, 200 & 400 FR, 50 & 100 BK, 50 & 100 BR, 50 & 100 Fly (only the 200 IM is left to get!)

Parker Bohm  50 Fly


11-12 Girls

Erin Schuch 50 & 100 FR, 50 & 100 Fly

Maia Smet  400 FR

Kate Schmoll  50, 100, 200, 400 & 800 FR, 50 & 100 BK, 50, 100 & 200 BR, 50, 100 & 200 Fly, 200 & 400 IM


11-12 Boys

Ryan Jadin  50 FR

Anthony Hendrickson  50 BR, 400 IM


13-14 Girls

Bryanna Bellile  50, 100, 200, 400, 800 & 1500 FR, 100 & 200 BK, 100 & 200 Fly, 200 & 400 IM

Sienna Nitke  50, 100, 200, 400, 800 & 1500 FR, 100 & 200 Fly


13-14 Boys

Matthew Schmoll  100, 200 BK, 200 Fly


15 & O Girls

Jocelyn McNicoll  100 BR

Hallory Domnick  100, 200, 400, 800 & 1500 FR, 100 & 200 Fly, 200 IM


15 & O Boys

Nick Messamore  100 & 200 BR

Jackson Hodek  800 & 1500 FR, 200 BK