EMAC: On-The-Horizon 6/3/19

Hello EMAC Families,

There are four important upcoming dates in this On-The-Horizon:

  • Velodrome Night
  • PAAC Firecracker Meet
  • Championships
  • Fall Registration

Please read through the entire OTH so you don't miss anything.


With our Triathlon Team growing in leaps and bounds, there has been some interest among EMAC swim team members in the sport of cycling.  Doug had a meeting with the director at the Velodrome and she offered us a half-price night in June during their international races.  So, on June 28, from 7pm to 10pm EMAC swimmers/triathletes and family members will attend the races at the velodrome. 

Prices will be $5.00 per ticket.  If you plan on attending, please commit to the event using our event commitment page HERE.  If you attend but you do not commit through our page, you will pay the full price.    

More information will be emailed separately. 

PAAC Firecracker Meet

PAACs meet director has informed us that they are still acce[ting additional entries to their meet file.  If you would like to attend the Firecracker meet the weekend of July 6th and 7th, please commit to the meet now.


The Champioship meet series is posted on our website.  Please log in and commit to one or all meets in which your swimmer will be competing.  Commitment deadlines are:

  • Senior Champs - June 29th
  • Junior Olympics - June 26th
  • Silver Champs - June 26th
  • Senior Zones - June 17th

Fall Registration

Fall Registration will be opening within the coming weeks and we want to communicate this information with you in advance.  This is a reminder that space is limited in each of our groups, and with inquires coming in every day, spots on our team will fill up quickly once we open registration to the public.  Here are the following dates for Fall Registration:

  • July 15-31:  Registration for Contiuning Members
    • If you are currently active for the entire Summer session, or are listed on the Fall Retainer, this 2 week time frame is for you to register your spot for the Fall/Winter.
    • This 2 week window is a protected window for our current membership, spots are guarenteed if you register during this time frame.
  • August 1-Full:  Registration for New and Returning Members
    • Any current member who missed the above window, members who did not compete over the summer, and new inquiries are able to register for groups after August 1st.  Spots are not protected and are assigned to athletes who will best help EMAC fullfil its mission to swimming.

Thank you for reading, and see you at the pool!