Coach Brent moving to Florida


Hello Pike Parents:


I am writing to let you know that Coach Brent and his wife have both been offered positions in Florida and today will be his last day with Pike Township Swim Club. I am happy for Coach Brent and his family and I wish them nothing but the best! As Head Coach, I feel it is my job to find and hire the BEST coaches we can find and that is exactly what we did when hiring Coach Brent. That is also, exactly what I will continue to do for this program. 


Below is a statement from Coach Brent.


Short Term:      For the Summer Season Coach Patrick, Coach Danielle, and myself will be sharing Age Group Coaching duties. During this time we will be looking at options for Age Group coaches starting in the Fall.


Move Ups:       Just a reminder that ALL incoming Freshman will be starting with the Senior Group this Thursday June 6th. June Practice Calendars are posted online.


Also, any 13-14 year old with an Age Group State Cut and they commited to training this Summer (90% attendance or better) is also invited to move up for the for the summer season. They must meet both of these requirements to be considered to move up if they are NOT an incoming freshman.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Coach Tom

---------------------------------------------- STATEMENT FROM COACH BRENT----------------------------------------

My wife and I have accepted positions in Islamorada, FL, and we will be moving to the Florida Keys later this week. We will both be working for The Race Club, which is a company devoted to high performance swim instruction and coaching. Emily has already started with TRC as the Office Manager (remote for now), and I will be coaching there. We are excited about the opportunity to work for such a progressive company that is doing so much in the swimming world, but I am certainly sad to be leaving PIKE. It’s been my pleasure to work with these PIKE swimmers and alongside these coaches, and it’s an opportunity that I learned a great deal from. I have been very grateful to have been so supported here and to have been able to work with hard working young people. I will remain a great fan of PIKE, and I’m hopeful that my short time here has made some kind of impact on the program. Swimming is a sport I am incredibly passionate about, and I’m hopeful that that same kind of passion will continue to build in the swimmers here.