June Team Newsletter

Important Dates

WRA Home Meet: June 7th (Registration deadline: June 4th)
All WRA swimmers are encouraged to participate. Sign up here.

Stroke & Turn Officials Training: June 12th
The first step in becoming a USA Swimming Official is attending a Stroke & Turn training class. The next online training class is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12th, from 7:00 - 9:30. For more details, click here

Chattahoochee Gold Invite: June 14th - 16th (Removed from schedule)
This meet exceeded its maximum capacity, and we will no longer be attending. We will  not be attending an alternate meet, and encourage all families to focus their meet attendace on GRPA District.

Third Tuesday: June 18th
This is our regular meeting night, there will be no afternoon practices except for Blue 2.

GRPA District Meet: June 22nd (Registration deadline: June 10th)
Tucker, GA. This meet is open to all swimmers, ages 7-18. This meet is appropriate for all practice groups, and we encourage everyone to attend. See meet information and sign uphere.

WRA Home Meet: June 28th (Registration deadline: June 24th)
All WRA swimmers are encouraged to participate. Sign up here.

What About the Award Ceremony?

This year, we will be trying something different. Scheduling conflicts prevented us from having our regular award banquet at Christ Chapel, so this year, we are planning a big, end of summer party for our swimmers, which will include an award ceremony. Mark your calendars for August 3rd (this will be the Saturday after school resumes, and will also kick-off our annual break). Additional details will be announced soon!
Our Summer swim lesson schedule is underway, and there are only a few spots remaining. Please help us spread the word about our summer lessons - Let's make sure every child in Warner Robins knows how to swim! More information on our lessons can be found here.

A Note from the Coach: 

This month, I want to reinforce the idea and importance of goal setting, and point swimmers and parents in the direction of a great resource that is available on our website: Time Standards - This page has links to time standards for all upcoming LSC Championship meets, as well as the USA Swimming Single and Double Age Motivational Time Standards.

What are Motivational Time Standards? These are the best goal-setting tools at your disposal. These have been designed as stepping stones to help swimmers progress, and gives a swimmer obtainable goals to reach for in between their first meet and their first State cut. At WRA, we focus primarily on Single-Age times, so that no swimmer is at a disadvantage from being in the lower-end of their age-group. We use Single-Age times to determine meet eligibility, and going-forward, these will be used for our annual Awards Ceremony. 

One key to the goal-setting process is knowing where you are at, so you know how to get where you want to go. Several resources are available for a swimmer and their parents to keep track of their current Best Times. USA Swimming's Deck Pass will record times for swimmers who have participated in USA Swimming meets (it also records any Double-Age standards you may have achieved, but you will have to look at the above link to compare your times to the Single-Age standards). To see Best Times including our home meets, as well as GRPA meets, use the OnDeck app to access times from all meets you've attended - This information can also be accessed from the "My Meet Results" page, located on the right-side menu, within your account.


Swim Camps

GA Tech - Gold Medal Jacket Swim Camp
July 8th - 11th



Hurricane Champs
June 12th - 14th

Age-Group State Meet
July 18th

...see more


Committee Corner

We are still looking for members for the following parent committees: Officials, Social, and Maintenance.

Email Amanda to participate.

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