BASH update
  1. BASH & PCY Summer Classic is June 14-16 at Miami University (it is the best Y only swim meet we attend is summer other than our Championship meet in July). We need everyone’s help hosting the meet, lots of volunteers! We have over 80 BASH swimmers attending right now and still would like ALL BASH SWIMERS training this summer to attend. Please sign up by THURSDAY.
  2. In order to swim in Championships July 11-14, swimmers must of swum in 2 Y Meets this summer (NEW SWIMMERS must swim in 3) and have times. The 50’s have no qualifying times,  the events 100 and longer do have qualifying times. All BASH swimmers would be eligible if they swim in their two meets. Sign up page will open soon for the meet. Again, all teams in our league must supply volunteers, those signups will also open soon.
  3. Swim practices are off to a great start – please have your swimmer at their practice on time and pick them up on time. All must scan their Y card at the desk. All morning practices are outside, all evening practices are in Ferris. IF your swimmer is the last of the day in Ferris, please be on time to pick them up. Our coaches wait for parents to pick up. We don’t have the budget to pay coaches to wait for more than a few minutes with your swimmer.
  4. Results from our Memorial Day Double Biathlon –
    1. Senior 1 Girls – Megan G., Amanda P., Kathy Z,  Brianna Y, Emma F, Emma S.
    2. Senior 1 Boys – Alex K, Erik M, Bryce M, Chet D., Drew H., Rowan C.
    3. Senior 2 Girls- Anna L, Kendall H, Ellie K, Audrey S, Lauren B, Molly G, Emily W.
    4. Senior 2 Boys – Noah O, Jason Z, Jake D, Ben C, Jeffrey W
  5. We have regular summer schedule through next Friday June 14 morning. NO Afternoon or evening on Friday June 14, NO Saturday June 15 – due to the swim meet at Miami U that weekend!
  6. Regular Monday June 17th