SAFE SPORT MAAPP UPDATE, JUNE 5, 2019 (Mini Webinars Posted)


Hello from Indianapolis!
June 23 is 18 days away. That's when the unified Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP) as mandated by the National Center for Safe Sport for National Governing Bodies (NGBs) under the U.S. Olympic Committee takes effect. This will affect everybody associated with USA Swimming, including coaches, athletes, parents and volunteers.
TO-DO list to get ready for MAAPP:
Coaches and other adult members should:
  1. Update your social media accounts and discontinue any connections (friends and followers) with unrelated minor athletes over whom you have authority.
  2. Make sure your athletes who are over 18 take the three-part Athlete Protection Training found through the USA Swimming LEARN site. ***THIS IS A NEW REQUIREMENT***
  3. Review MAAPP with your coaching and aquatics staff and your boards of directors.
Club boards and meet hosts should:
  1. Prepare the new MAAPP policy and waiver documents for your websites and club handbooks. You can use the document linked below to obtain the required signatures from applicable adults acknowledging their awareness of MAAPP.
  2. If you are hosting a meet on or or after June 23, make sure you conduct the meet under MAAPP guidelines. Indiana Swimming will help you update your meet announcement. Have a plan to inform your volunteers about MAAPP. See "Language for Meets" to assist you with this.
* * * NEW this week from USA Swimming Safe Sport * * *
Our USA Swimming Safe Sport staff has been providing guidance on MAAPP for more than a month now, and Indiana Swimming has posted FAQs on our Safe Sport page to help you understand the new guidelines and how they will apply after June 23.
Posted June 4 are seven new Mini-Webinars, narrated by USA Swimming Safe Sport Senior Manager Elizabeth Hahn. Click on the link below to view each webinar (listed by topic):
Last week, we posted the required waiver documents and policies for clubs to download and copy to assist with implementing MAAPP. Those are also posted on our LSC Safe Sport web page and linked below so you can bookmark them for later use. There is a placeholder in the documents to add your club's logo and just copy the language into your handbooks to share with membership.
* * * * * * *
USA Swimming launched the Safe Sport Recognized Club program late last year to help clubs establish a solid, sustainable culture of safety and share examples of clubs taking the lead in this area. Under MAAPP, some of the required criteria will be changing, but clubs can still apply BY JUNE 20, 2019 under the existing criteria. So far, two clubs have achieved Safe Sport recognition in Indiana. Your club can contact me (see below) or USA Swimming at to help you with your application. After June 20, MAAPP will replace your existing mandatory policies for team travel and electronic communication. USA Swimming's mandatory bullying policy does not change under MAAPP.
QUESTIONS? Don't hesitate to ask. Send me an email or call if you have a question about MAAPP or need direction on Safe Sport for your team.
Stay safe. Have fun. Swim fast!
Paul Stauder
Safe Sport Chair
Indiana Swimming