LC Regionals Day 3

BAC finished off the Western Region LC Champs in Windsor with some excellent swimming on day 3. Leading the way with Gold medals were Max Dobie, Tristan Berridge, Jack Tran and Gabby Casasanta. Here is the list of top 10 finishes.

Congratulations BAC!!!



Josh McDougall – 3rd 13yr boys

Connor Cabral – 4th 13yr boys


Austin Godwaldt – 10th 12yr boys

Alanna Casasanta – 2nd 15yr girls

Gabby Casasanta – 4th 15yr girls

Abby Forster – 8th 15yr girls

Gabrielle Eivers – 4th 16yr girls

Hunter Payne – 9th 13yr boys

Josh McDougall – 10th 13 yr boys

Carter Scheffel – 9th 14yr boys

Tristan Berridge – 2nd 15yr boys

Max Dobie – 1st 16yr boys

Graydon Dickson – 7th 16ur boys


Brendan Gibson – 10th 12yr boys

Fiona Liao – 7th 13yr girls

Ashley Villamere – 6th 14yr girls

Alanna Casasanta – 2nd 15yr girls

Hunter Payne – 9th 13yr boys

Carter Scheffel – 9th 14yr boys

Graydon Dickson – 7th 16yr boys

Alfonso Faria Espinoza – 9th 17andO boys


Lexi McLean – 9th 13yr girls

Ashley Villamere – 2nd 14yr girls

Ashley Blasdell – 6th 14yr girls

Emma Cabral – 2nd 15yr girls

Carter Scheffel – 8th 14yr boys

Tristan Berridge – 1st 15yr boys

Max Dobie – 6th 16yr boys



Jack Tran – 1st 12yr boys

Gabby Casasanta – 1st 15yr girls

Emma Cabral – 3rd 15yr girls

Gabrielle Eivers – 6th 16yr girls

4x50Medley Relay

11-12 boys – 4th (Brendan Gibson, Austin Godwaldt, Jack Tran, Leo Huang)

4x50 Free relay

15andO girls – 3rd (Emma Cabral, Alanna Casasanta, Mia Pelletier, Gabby Casasanta)

15andO boys – 9th (Alfonso Faria Espinoza, Graydon Dickson, Tristan Berridge, Max Dobie)

13-14 girls – 9th (Ashley Villamere, Natalie Atkins, Ashley Blasdell, Fiona Liao)

13-14 boys – 10th (Nick Adams, Hunter Payne, Josh McDougall, Carter Scheffel)