Mock Meet-Volunteers Still Needed/Volunteer Information-Everyone Please Read
Dear Swim Team Families. We hope that all of your swimmers are having fun and excited for the season! Volunteers are still needed for this Saturday's Mock Meet. (They are listed at the end of this email. Please see below). Please log in to your account, click on Events at the top toolbar, and then click on Job Sign-Ups button under Mock Meet. **Not only is this a practice meet for our younger, and/or new swimmers, but for our newer parents as well. It takes a fleet of volunteers to run a swim meet, and we need all hands on deck! We understand that for the newer parents, the volunteer component can be a bit intimidating. For each swim meet, we have experienced volunteers mixed with new/inexperienced volunteers in order to train everyone, and make it less daunting. Please don't be intimidated. Everyone is very friendly, and willing to answer your questions. FOR OUR NEW PARENTS/VOLUNTEERS, the most convenient job is the Mouse House parents. Each Mouse House has an experienced parent signed up, so new parents, you won't be alone and you can learn how to do the job...its pretty easy to pick up. The purpose of the Mouse Houses are to keep our younger swimmers in one place, and make sure that they get to their events. If you have younger children, you can keep them with you in the Mouse House area. Timers are another job which can be easily learned and experienced and new parents are mixed together for training purposes. Ready Bench volunteers stand behind each lane to make sure that swimmers are in line for their event. This position is less intimidating as well. FOR OUR EXPERIENCED PARENTS whose kids have been on the swim team for a year or more, and you now know the ropes....Please consider volunteering as a Place Judge, Strokes and Turns Judge, Head Table or Head Timer positions. is available. We can't run the swim meets without people in these vital roles. Training for Strokes and Turn Judges will be held on June 18th at the Community Center - more information to come. Training for the Head Table is still being planned - stay tuned. Here are the positions we are still in need of for the Mock Meet. If your child is participating, please sign up so that you gain some experience. **Please also remember that for families with one swimmer, you are required to volunteer at 3 meets. For families with 2 or more swimmers, you are required to work 4 meets. We cannot run the meets with our volunteers. Thank you! Jobs Still Needed: 1 Head Table Volunteer - New/No Experience 1 Head Timer - Experienced 1 Lane Timer - New/No Experience 8 Mouse House Parents - New/No Experience 2 Place Judges - New/No Experience 3 Strokes and Turn Judges - Experienced 4 Strokes and Turn Judges - Trainees Thank you!