Swim-a-thon Stay-on-target Award


Dear SMAC Families, 
Thanks for all the effort you're putting in to Swim a Thon on the home stretch.  I'm excited to see
everyone swim tomorrow evening! The winner of this week's "Stay on Target"  Gift Card ($25 Gift Card to
Target) is Anja Pietrowski. Thank you Anja and Family!
Cash and Checks. For those of you collecting and entering cash, I realize it's not displaying on your
swimmer's name until I actually collect it. But don't worry, I can see it and took it into account during the
contest periods. Please bring cash collected to the swim a thon and I will mark your gifts collected. If
you have checks, you can place them in my box at the Y marked "Caister" today or tomorrow and I
will mark them approved and get them to Margaret. 
Please know how much we appreciate everyone for asking, entering, and collecting gifts.  I know it
can be uncomfortable to ask. But really, our kids and team are amazing, and there are lots of people who
see that, and appreciate the opportunity to show their support.  Your efforts to enter the gifts will save
Margaret and me tons of time post event. Finally, for those of you who asked for per length support of
your swimmers, we just ask you to please collect and enter the gifts by SMAC Summer Classic (June
21, 2019) so we can announce final prize winners. 
Peggy, for SMAC Boosters
Cabell (Dreaming) and Libby (Exploring) Caister's Mom