Team Meeting - June 14 - MAAPP

USA Swimming has created a new policy called the “Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy” (MAAPP).  This policy affects our 18 & up swimmers, parents and minor athletes.  All 18 & up athletes are required to take an online class sponsored by USA Swimming or they are ineligible to swim in meets and not authorized to attend practices. The online class must be completed by June 23, 2019.  To better understand the logistics of this new policy, and how it impacts our club, we are holding a meeting for all athletes, coaches, parents and other non-athlete members of USA Swimming on Friday, June 14 at 7:00 PM at Groves after practices have ended.  Please plan to attend. 


The MAAPP policy is attached in the link below.  Please read it thoroughly and provide a copy to your swimmer or review it with them.  It is imperative that the new policy be adhered to by all those involved with Motor City Aquatics.  USA Swimming is also requiring a hand written receipt of acknowledgment of this policy. Please sign and date the attached document below and return it before June 23rd to a coach or email to mcaregistrar248@gmail.comAthletes will not be able to participate in practice after June 23rd unless a signed copy of the acknowledgement is on file.  For those not swimming long course, but will be swimming short course in the fall, this form can (and should) be completed now.  


Additional information, FAQ’s and short videos regarding the MAAPP can be found on the USA Swimming website:


Our coaches will be able to answer any questions you may have at the team meeting on June 14th.   They will also provide additional information at that time regarding the online class for our 18/up swimmers .

MAAPP Policy:  /mimca/UserFiles/File/minor-athlete-abuse-prevention-policy_049476.pdf

Acknowledgement Form:  /mimca/UserFiles/File/maapp-receipt-acknowledgment-pdf_072644.pdf