Rosemont Pool Update

Hello Marlin Families,

This email is to provide an update to the recent issues we’ve been experiencing at the Rosemont High School Pool this year. As most of you know, we have been renting this facility from the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) while we are in the process of replacing the Cordova Community Pool. In April there was a serious incident of unsafe amounts of chlorine gas being released during our week of daily clinics. Because the Rosemont H.S. Pool is not our facility, we have been struggling to obtain timely information on repairs. Here is what we know:

  • Based on our inquiries with the Sacramento County Health Department, the reason the chlorine was released at one time is due to two components of the equipment that regulates the release of the chemicals were not communicating. There was a buildup of chlorine that was released all at once causing the emergency situation.
  • After the system had been repaired, SCUSD and CRPD lifeguards continued to monitor the chemical levels and noticed the chemicals appeared to be imbalanced.  SCUSD closed the pool again, Friday, May 31st through Monday, June 3rd to ensure the chemicals were at a safe level.  As of Tuesday, June 4th, SCUSD has fixed the equipment and added safeguards to ensure that this type of situation does not repeat itself. They have confirmed that that water is safe and has allowed us to continue our programs.
  • SCUSD notified us on June 4th that the boiler to heat the water is still broken and did not provide an estimated date of repair. We will inform our teams as soon as we receive an update.  

The safety of our participants and our staff is our highest priority. In addition to the repairs and maintenance provided by SCUSD, our lifeguards are testing the chlorine hourly and recording the levels for our records. Lifeguards are also instructed to monitor any visual clues that may indicate an issue.

We understand that this has been very frustrating and sincerely appreciate your continued support and flexibility while we address these concerns. Please contact me or Susie if you have any questions or concerns at 916-369-9844 or and


Brandi Dionne
Recreation Supervisor II
Cordova Recreation & Park District
P: 916- 369-9844