Glenwood Diving: Dive Jobs Will Open Sunday, June 9th!



Hello Dive Families,

It's time for: Family Jobs 101!

The dive team runs pretty efficiently due entirely to our awesome family support. One commitment that comes with membership is help through our family jobs. New families may wonder what the options are and what they involve; for that we have this handy guide! After reviewing these, please take a moment to go to Team Unify, look under Events & Jobs, review the jobs list by event, and find your fit for volunteering! Families need to complete their job responsibilities in order to participate in the end of season award banquet. Please make sure your activities are met so that we don’t have to go to whiny mode! Please sign up for 3 jobs/1 diver; 4 jobs/2 divers; 5 jobs/3 divers. We are always happy for extra volunteers!

PS: Your dive reps will retain more sanity the earlier that all slots are filled (and reminder email volume will go down)!

How to sign up:

On the team page, select EVENTS. For each event there is a JOB SIGNUP button. After that screen is a list of available jobs. Take note of the time for each one so that you know if you are signing up for the first half (12& Under) or second half (13-18) of a meet. Times are a bit fluid depending on # of divers that day but should be close. Check the box for you sign up, and SAVE. It’s helpful for us if you include a contact number in case of changes in schedules due to rain/weather/other circumstances.

Table Worker:                 

Table workers have front row seating at meets, recording scial requirements for this job!


This is a fun and important job! The announcer d

ores on dive sheets. These jobs are simple, you have a great view of the boards and there are no specrives the meets, setting the pace and keeping all on track. We have a list of to do’s for each meet. Scripts are provided and we’ll walk you through the flow of events.


This is what the name implies – also great seats poolside. This job requires certification through an MCDL clinic and comfor in judging. Once certified you’ll be covered for 3 years. Meets are divided at the half, so you can judge first half 12 &under, or second half 13-18s. Even if you aren’t ready to judge from the start, consider taking the clinic to fast track an understanding of the sport and effort our divers put into practice each day. Our coaches can also offer a 101 on judging to get you started (but MCDL certification is required for meets).


Also a straight up job, our referees are MCDL certified, have good understanding and act to arbitrate tricky calls and legal dives. If you’ve got a few years judging under your belt, consider taking the next level at the clinic to become a referee. Are we going to look to you for referee next year? Plan ahead and take the referee section now!


Our team income comes from our famous Glenwood Grill. Volunteers here either help with shopping; set up and sales of a snacks, a hot option off the grill, and cold drinks for the first half; or continue sales and help with clean up. We know supporting your diver is important – you can always step away to watch your diver!

Family Dive Meet Coordinator:  

This is a special night of fun and high entertainment! Parents give it a go on the boards in a meet where the parents dive and the divers judge! The coordinator puts together the materials and coordinates the evening’s event. We have templates for all of the materials and the past-coordinator happy to help transition to a new volunteer! This event will be held in the evening of July 11th.

Banquet Help:  

These jobs are straight forward, help with shopping, set up and clean up are all options to keep this night a really great cap to the season we’ll have. Our banquet is close by, held at Sligo Creek - Dennis Avenue Rec Center.