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MESA Summer Schedule Reminder

This is a reminder that MESA's Summer Schedule starts Monday, June 10th.  

All 10un groups as well as 11-12 Bronze and 11-12 Silver group schedules stay the same.

11-12 Gold Group schedule will stay the same with the exception of Wednesday, where swimmers will have the choice of swimming 7:15-9:30am Long Course with the Senior Development Group or swimming Short Course in the evening at their normally scheduled time.  

Senior Development and Senior Elite Groups have a more complicated Summer schedule, which is posted below:

AM (Long Course)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday                                   Saturday

7:15-9:30am                                                         7:15-10am



PM (Short Course)
Monday/Wednesday                                             Tuesday/Thursday

5:45-8:15pm                                                         5-6pm         Dryland

                                                                            6-8:15pm      Swim



We can't WAIT to get the Summer Training kicked off on Monday!  See you at practice!!!