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HOME SWIM MEET 6/11 Details


Our first meet is HOME, Tuesday, June 11th

Bedford Sharks vs. North Hills Wahoos !!

Shark Bait...ooO HA-HA!

Deadline to declare for this meet is Today! The deadline to declare for any meet closes the Sunday before the meet.  

Don’t forget, only swimmers who are declared are eligible for main events and relays.


All Volunteers check in with Tracey Zola at the front gate, Tracey will not check email after 4:00 on Tuesday so if you have any issues please text at 215-868-0394. We are in need of one more Timer. If you can volunteer please email Tracey at


Please remember the park is CLOSED to ALL SWIMMERS. Parents please keep a watchful eye on your kids and they must stay with you until your kid pusher calls for them.


Please bring a towel, goggles, swim caps and water/fuel for your child.


Arrive:            4:30 PM  (as close to 4:30 as you can)

Warm Ups:    5:00 PM Away Team 5:30 PM

Meet Start:    6:00 PM


Home side:        

Tables behind starter, under pergola

Tables at far end of pool, under pergola--½ for Bedford, ½ for visiting team

Tables on upper deck balcony


Visitor side:    They will be setting up their families on the left side of the deck as you enter the main gate to the pool, as well as 1/2 the area under the back pergola between the pool and the playground.   


Parking:  Please, No SHARK parking in our pool lot.   Please park along one side of Bedfordtown Drive or walk to the pool if you can.  We will reserve our pool lot for the visiting team as many of them do for us when we visit their pools.   PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE PARK ON THE STREETS OR BLOCK ALLEYS.


Food:   We will have two food trucks this week.  Jam Ice cream and Mel’s Many Minis .

Snack Bar will have regular menu items

Sponsors:   Marco's Pizza will be on hand for deliver orders poolside.  


No alcohol at TSA events

Swimmers wearing caps must wear a Bedford Sharks cap or plain cap  during a TSA meet. No caps may be turned inside out this year to hide other team logos.  Any swimmer wearing a cap with a logo other than Bedford will be disqualified per TSA rules this year.

Team suits are not required.  

Goggles are strongly recommended.

Have fun and cheer on your fellow sharks!