Updated Meet Information for PHST Jill Griesse

Updated Meet Information for PHST Jill Griesse
June 14 - 16, 2019 @ Denison University

Please see the information letter below from the meet host. We are asked to provide 2 timers per session. Click here to sign up to time. Click here for the psych sheet (with explanations below).

Coaches - there is a coaches meeting on Friday at 4:30 pm in hospitality.

Hello coaches,
I wanted to thank you and your teams for being a part of our 5th Annual Jill Griesse Memorial Invite.
Our goal is to make this an event you want to come back to year after year.
Since our 1st invite we all have donated over $22,400 to the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and Pelotonia.
Each of us have been affected in our own unique way by cancer so know that your donation and support that you give our event means so much…we all are doing our part to END CANCER…..
We will once again be asking for donations at the spectator entrance for Pelotonia in lieu of admission AND will have 2 Remembrance banners hung up around the facility for all to sign in honor of those fighting or in remission and also those who have fought bravely but are now looking down on us...
Below is some additional important info that I wanted to pass onto you:
  • Please remember NO food is allowed to be brought into the facility
    • There will be concessions available
  • The doors will open for spectators on Friday at 3:45pm
  • On Sat and Sun the pool deck will open at 6:30am and spectator doors will open at 6:45am
  • Aquatic Outfitters will be the meet vendor all weekend to accommodate all your swimming needs
  • Fine Designs will also have a super cool meet shirt that I hope your swimmers will want 
  • On Saturday there will be a basketball event going on during the same time as the meet so you may not be able to park as close as you want
  • If you would also be so kind to make sure the area your team sits in is cleaned up each session that would be much appreciated
  • We will be using fly-over starts for all sessions. Please talk with your athletes about staying in the water, close to the wall and being curteous to the next heat. 
  • There is little to no room to insert a swimmer into a future heat / event if they miss theirs. As in the past, we will do everything we can but realize it may not be possible. 
  • Attached are the psych sheets and they will be posted on meet mobile soon. The 400 IM and 400 Free on Friday; and the 11-12 200 Breast and 200 IM on Saturday are limited events. If your athlete has "SCR" next to their name on the psych sheet, they have been cut due to time limitations.
  • Positive check-in will be required for all Friday events and all 11-12 200 meter events. If your athlete does not positively check-in, they will not be seeded and the next fastest athlete in that age group that has checked in will be seeded, if the event has been limited. 
  •  For those athletes that are listed as being cut on the psych sheet, who do not get to swim, we are offering a time trial for those events (400 IM, 400 Free, 200 Breast and 200 IM) on Saturday evening after the 12 & under session has completed. It will start at approximately 6:15 PM and there will be no warm-up in the competition pool preceeding it. Please note, this time trial is ONLY for those athletes who were cut and your athlete does not have the option of choosing between the regular event and the time trial. If they are seeded to swim and fail to positively check-in, they will not be permitted to swim. To participate in it, they will need to positively check-in by 5:30 pm and provide their own timer. There will be no awards given and we are not accepting deck entries into these events.
  • Teams with 20 or more athletes are being asked to provide 2 timers per session. If your team has less than 20 athletes and you have a parent that would still like to time, their assistance would be greatly appreciated. 
Finally, here’s to an incredibly FAST, FUN, and AMAZING event for everyone