Glenwood Diving: Week of June 9th Practices, Notes, Pep Rally & Meet Prep!

Hello Glenwood Diving!

This is it – we’re days away from wrapping up school and heading into full time summer! Our divers had another great week in practice. We continue through this week on the afternoon schedule as we get ready for our first meet on Sunday, June 16. More details on the week’s schedule are below!

Afternoon Practices: Plan to continue through this week on the afternoon schedule. There are a few straggling school activities through the week, but the more that our divers can practice the more confident they will feel going into our first meet!

Meet on Sunday, dive sheets on Friday: On Friday (there is dive team practice - this differs from swim team) divers will sign dive sheets for the meet where we travel to Rock Creek on Sunday. This is the list of their dives that goes with them to the meet and is used to record their scores. If divers are away on Friday they can sign sheets before the meet on Sunday. Please let the coaches know if you will be away on Sunday – there is a button on the website for each meet where you can confirm attendance. This is helpful for planning purposes. You can also let the coaches know directly. More details on the meet will come later in the week, but plan to arrive at 3:15 for warm ups. The meet will start at 4:00.

Friday Glenwood Pep Rally: New this year, swim and dive come together to kick off the weekend meets!  This week’s theme is Community Conquering Cancer Potluck – Members of our Glenwood family have dealt or are dealing with cancer, most recently the Donnelly Family. Join in for a potluck dinner and an opportunity to make voluntary donations to cancer research.  The teams will cheer & make posters for the weekend meets.

Last name A-M = Main Dish to Share

Last name N-Z = Salad/Fruit/Bread/Dessert/Drinks

Family Jobs Signups: Thanks to all who have gone into Team Unify and selected your family jobs. This helps us plan and coordinate all the steps to running a smooth dive meet! If you haven’t yet signed up, please take a minute to make your selections.

Officials Clinics: Two officials clinics are scheduled this week (Wednesday @ Merrimack Park, Thursday @ Rock Creek). Several of us are out of date – if your certification was in 2016, you are up to renew this year. If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of diving this is the place to be. Please consider taking this 2-hour session, and when you’re comfortable, join the judges cadre. If you’ve been judging a while, please consider upping your game to referee – looking ahead it’s time for us to build up our referee line up! See our website for the dates and times. No need to pre-register, just show up at the host pool!

ISO a Few More Divers: We are thrilled with the turn out of new families this year, and pack of returning divers. We have plenty of room in practices for more and would love to add to our team! 11-12 boys are especially lean. That group is a fun bunch and we know they have a great time on the boards! Bring a friend – it isn’t too late to join the fun!

See you at the dive well!