Meet Results from Placerville

Marlin Families,

The meet results have been downloaded into your  family

accounts.  I have also posted a PDF copy of the ENTIRE

meet under the results tab of the TU website.  When reading the 

pdf, the first column is how the swimmer placed BASED ON

OVERALL TIME for all swimmers in the event.  The second

column is what heat the swimmer was in and how they placed

IN THIER HEAT.  So if you see 1-2, the swimmer was the first heat,

2nd place time.  The remaining columns speak for themselves. If the

swimmer has "DQ" listed for their time, this means that they were

disqualified based on not performing the stroke correctly.  Our coaches 

have copies of the DQ slips and will be able to discuss the reason for the  

DQ with your swimmers.   

Each swimmer  will receive a ribbon corresponding to how they placed in

thier HEAT.  The ribbons have been placed in the swimmers family file

and will be available for pick up on Monday.

Thanks for a great meet.

Carol Kraus


We will be adding a PDF from the Blue and Gold Meet once the DQ

slips have been entered into the team computer.