USSC Last Dance or Grizzly Summer Sizzler

The weekend of July 12-14 we have two meets on our schedule:

USSC hosts July Last Dance July 13-14 at Waterford Kettering AND
OLY hosts Grizzly Summer Sizzler July 12-14 at Oakland University

Which one should your athlete attend?  (Please do not select both meets)

Grizzly Summer Sizzler at OU is the preferred meet for Age Group and Senior swimmers.  Senior Conditioning Swimmers, please consult Coach Stephen on which meet you should attend, as we are primarily looking for B times from our Senior athletes in order to enter this meet.  Families who did not meet their work requirements at previous swim meets may have to attend the Last Dance meet at Waterford, and that is completely fine!

The USSC Last Dance meet at Waterford Kettering is for all Novice, Intermediate, and Junior swimmers.  Age Group and Senior families who have not met their meet requirements previously, may attend this meet as well.

I hope this helps clear up any questions about which meet to attend.  Please only register for ONE of these meets.  If you already registered for the Last Dance and need to register for the Grizzly Summer Sizzler, please contact your lead coach to be removed from Last Dance.  Sign up for the Grizzly Summer Sizzler will close on Wednesday!

Coach Erica