TFS News: Picture Day & Desserts Party

Dear Stingrays,

Way to go team!  We had a great 2nd meet this past Saturday.  Once again, the visiting team paid us many compliments.  They loved our team spirit and teamwork displayed during the meet.  You are an amazing group!    

A big benefit to hosting meets is that each meet we host at home brings more funds to the team that we use for expenses, including our end of the year awards banquet.  The concessions, 50/50 raffle, & heat sheet sales are a major source of fundraising for TFS.  The concession folks sell the burgers & dogs just as fast as the Sheltons & Pittmans grill them.  They all deserve a big thank you from all of us!  Another important source for fundraising is our online store.  Online products are available year round so don't forget about birthdays, Christmas, and other important gift occasions.  

Our next swim meet is this Saturday morning, June 15th!!  We will have set up on Friday night starting at 7:00 pm.  Swimmer and parent check-in on Saturday morning at 7:45 am with warm-ups starting shortly after 8 am.  Make sure your swimmer is declared for ALL future meets and at least 1 person per family is signed up to volunteer at each meet.  If something unexpected comes up and you will not be able to attend the meet, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at or by posting on our FB page. 

REMINDER!  Please do not leave the meet until after relays are over and pool is set up for public swim!!  It is expected that all swimmers stay to cheer on their teammates and all families stay to help set up the pool for public swim after the swim meet. 


  • Next Monday, June 17th, is our combined  Picture  Day AND Pot Luck Desserts / Family Swim Night! 

  • Picture ordering will be a little different this year. Only swimmers who place an order for individual pictures will sit for an individual photo shot. We sent an email with an attached order form. Feel free to print, fill out and bring with you.  We will also have copies of this form available that night at the pool.  Pictures must be ordered and paid via cash or check that night!  Bring cash or a check with you on picture night!  

  • If you are ordering an individual picture of your swimmer, please come to the pool between 6-7pm.  The earlier the better!  The Team Picture will be taken at 7pm. 

  • Please ensure your swimmers wear their team suit and team Tshirt.  Please instruct your swimmers DO NOT GET WET until their individual and team pictures have been taken!

  • Family members are also welcome to swim in the pool.  

  • We are assigning specific items to each practice group.  And, based on feedback from last year, we are going to include non-sweet items.  Please bring 1 item (or more) from your assigned list and include enough portions for a minimum of 15 or more people.  If your family participates in more than 1 practice session, bring an item(s) from the earliest practice session you attend.

    • 6 pm practice bring drinks!  Please bring 1 or 2 gallons of your choice of lemonade, sweet tea, un-sweet tea, or swimmer's choice.  Cups and ice will be supplied by the TFS Board.

    • 7 pm practice bring appetizers!  Please bring an appetizer to share.  Chips and dip, veggie and fruit platters, cheese and crackers, and other simple (non sweet) appetizers are encouraged.  

    • 8 pm practice bring desserts!  Cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and fruit are all good items to bring.  The TFS board will be supplying paper goods (plates, cups, napkins and cutlery).  

Agenda for Desserts & Picture Day party Monday June 17th:

6:00 pm:  ALL SWIMMERS who are ordering individual  pictures should arrive by 6 pm!  We will only take individual pictures of those swimmers who have paid at the pool that night.   

7:00 pm:  ALL swimmers must be at pool by 7:00 pm for group  picture.

7:30 pm:  The big pool will be open for free swim. All orders for individual pictures should be complete.  If not, please find Britta. Desserts will be served.  

8:30 pm:  Event is over and EVERYONE is expected to help clean up.