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Tri Club First Practice Tomorrow!
  • Tuesday June 11th at 5 PM is our first practice/ orientation for new members! Meet near the Foster Beach parking lot near the bike rental shack. Note that the lot has meters and they do ticket. There is free parking to the south along Simonds Drive.

  • The current practice schedule is below but these may change due to staffing,weather etc.

  • Weather: we will practice in rainy or cool weather. We will not in storms. Watch your phone for notification in the late afternoon of practice days. If you don't hear from us then assume we are at practice. We always swim in guarded areas and are sometimes limited by waves/water temp.

  • Please sign up for “SMS” (text alerts) under “my account profile” on our web.

  • Practices: 6/18, 6/27, 7/2, 7/9, 7/18, 7/23, 7/30, 8/8, 8/13, 8/20, 8/22 (picnic and last practice)

  • We will meet at 5 PM for our first practice (and 4:30PM for all practices after that) and stage the kids gear according to their assigned groups- GREEN (7-8 year olds)RED (9-10s)BLUE (11-12s) and BLACK (13 Ups). Group assignments and descriptions are below. There may be need to move a member up or down a group on occasion. All members will do the Chicago race at the age they are on Dec. 31st of 2018- so if your member's birthday will change their possible grouping (esp. 10 turning 11 in the fall) please let the staff know. We practice each discipline at each practice with varying emphasis and order depending on group assignments.

  • There will be magnet boards for each group (list is below) please have your member move your child's magnet to “IN”when you arrive and park their bike and gear in their group area, we have colored bike “racks” that correspond to their group assignments. While members head out for our warm-up routine we will answer parents questions on practices, gear, races

  • Gear: For every practice bring goggles, wear swim suit under bike/jog clothes and bring a water bottle with water already in it. Don't forget helmet and closed toe shoes. We will hand out race shirts (included) and most kids like to wear a boys' jammer (like a boys swim trunk- it works well for biking) available at on Iguanas website homepage “Team Store” tab. We will provide race # belts (explained at a later practice) and YANKZ elastic laces (highly recommended for $10).

  • Parent notes and parent helpers/pickup: we encourage parents to help out by watching gear and bikes in the transition area, acting as transition area volunteers, or walking/ jogging the run course along with the groups. Please allow your child to make mistakes they can learn from :) Parents can leave and pick up at any practice . Plan on 6:15 PM pick up but please make sure your child's group is completed . Parents must move the magnet to OUT. For early pickup please see the group coach on that day!!

  • Sign up for races: parents must do this at the race websites. August 24th at Foster Beach. Register early ! Every year we have families procrastinate and get left out. The Chicago race may fill by the first week in August (1000 kids)

  • USA Triathlon Membership: a youth membership is $15. Although it is not required - it is great to get one- includes a mag with lots of tips and info on the sport. If you don't get the membership you will still need to purchase a 1 day license for your racer ($10).

  • Bikes/ tune-ups- On The Route Bikes offers quality new bikes in kids sizes and tune-ups (and 10% off for Iguanas members on all work and gear). You don't need a special bike but we recommend the largest wheel size the member can ride and getting it early in the practice season.


TEAM RULES: Safety and Sportsmanship.


  • Full attention to coaches

  • Strict adherence to safety rules in each discipline

  • Support and encourage teammates

  • Challenge yourself and have a good time


Tri- Club Group Assignments (can change)

GREEN Group (7-8 y/o) 100 meter Swim, 4k Bike & 1k Run (race distance).


Coach Bella


01 Joanna Coates

02 Olivia Dube

03 Zachary Palsgrove

04 Gray Thornborough

05 Hue Thornborough

06 Quinn Kelly

07 Yang Schieleit

08 Waylon Petrini




RED Group (9-10) 100 meter Swim, 4k Bike & 1k Run


Coach Alexis


21 Charlie Casper         29 Winnie Nutkowitz

22 Jonathon Coates      30 Kate Kelly

23 Alon Cohen

24 Lucille Kelly

25 Jonah Lattin

26 Daniel Matesanz-Rodriguez

27 Derin Suer

28 Gus Nutkowitz




Blue Group (11-12) 200 meter Swim, 8k Bike & 2k Run


Coach Audrey

41 Courtney Beatty       50 Jorie McGowan

42 Cate Casper

43 Nathan Coates

44 Madeline Dube

45 Olivia Martinez-Mohabir

46 Molly Chochola

47 Aiden Palsgrove

48 Ellie Sanderson

49 Ella Schieleit


Black Group (13 Up) 200 meter Swim, 8k Bike & 2k Run

Coach Lance


61 Decklan Barnabas

62 Elizabeth Barrett

63 Matthew Barrett

64 Daria Foster

65 Jack Sanderson

66 Lydia Schieleit