6.10 Mojo...It's a Must Read

Happy Hot Monday Waterdevils!

Please read this entire communication to make sure you are keeping up on everything Waterdevils…

Congratulations on another close win on Saturday. Rolling Hills jumped out to a quick lead, but with lots of gritty swims (especially in the second half of the meet) and some amazing team spirit we pulled it out by about 20 points. Your sportsmanship was also very on display. Way to go!

Swimmers of the Week:

  • Too many to type, but check out the awesome pics attached.

Upcoming Meets:

  • Please register for all of our upcoming meets; Sleepy Hollow June 15 (commit today!), Lucas Valley meet is on June 22, and Champs is on the 29th. We really need everyone at all the meets to fully accomplish our team goals. All swimmers are expected to participate in Championships, that is where our depth will really shine through if everyone participates.

  • For those who have qualified, next Sunday June 16 is All-Stars. Like any meet you should go in and commit, then tell us what you’d like to swim. If you qualified, but are not planning on swimming All-Stars, that is also important for us to know. Swimmers can qualify this upcoming Saturday for Sunday’s meet.

Practice Changes:

  • This Thursday 6.13 we will have an end of school year celebration Pool Party. The whole team is invited to the pool from 4:00 - 5:30. All other practice time that day is cancelled.

  • Summer practice times begin next Monday the 17th, please check the team website for new times and days.

Parent Relays:

  • One of the greatest things about the Lucas Valley meet is the Parent Relays at the end of the meet. This year Ryan Garroway Myers (thanks Ryan) is organizing our Marinwood Parent Relays. This is his message to all of you, and I really encourage you to participate and show your love of swimming to your kids. All ability levels are welcome to participate.

  • Waterdevils Parents! We're nearing the most fun day of year for our parent "swimmers": the Parent Relays against Lucas Valley!  If you would like to participate in the parent relays (they are open to everyone and are designed to be fun, each swimmer only swims one lap) please email Ryan Garroway Myers at and let him know what strokes you prefer and what strokes you cannot swim. Parents are welcome to get in the pool at practice the night before to shake off the rust if you'd like to.

League Celebrations:

  • The Marin Swim League will be celebrating the following 10 year and more swimmers, plus our graduating swimmers this year. Check the list below to make sure we aren’t missing anyone, email Coach Chris with any corrections.

    • 10 year swimmers

      • Payton and Olivia Juarez

      • Molly and Allie Madden

      • Gabby Lucchesi

      • Mitchell and Meredith Case

      • Ruby Burkhardt

      • Zoe McDonough

      • Lucy Knopf

      • Reece Foehr

    • Graduates

      • Gabby Lucchesi

      • Reece Foehr

      • Max Manwaring-Mueller

      • Connor Elliott

      • Tiago Westlund

      • Mitchell Case

Team Needs:

  • It was a tough week in the team shed. Both the refrigerator and chest freezer died on us, if anyone knows someone trying to get rid of theirs please let us know. We would prefer to get a donation before purchasing.

Enjoy the heat and we will see you at the pool.

Go Waterdevils!