Date:    Wednesday, June 19th
Time:    1:00 to 6:00 PM
Location:  Metro Swim Shop
Several of our MAKO coaches will be in attendance to meet/greet you, and will also be happy to help with any suit sizing questions as well.
Female Suit Information
Option #1:  Female team suit this season is  TYR Durafast HEXA Diamondfit (Black/Gold). 
Option #2 (For Senior Prep, HS Plus, and Senior Group Swimmers Only):  Crosscut fit version and a NEW Trinity fit are also available. I do not have a link to show you these two styles, but samples will be at the suit sizing for you to see and try on.
If you would like one of these styles of suit, please send us an email AFTER you enter the correct size in your swimmer's Apparel Size field within your online MAKO account. 
Male Suit Information
Option #1:  Our male team suit this season is  TYR Durafast HEXA Jammer (Black)
Option #2:  If your swimmer would like a brief, please send us an email AFTER you enter the correct size in your swimmer’s Apparel Size field within your online MAKO account.
General Suit and T-Shirt Information
Please make sure to update your account with the correct SUIT and T-SHIRT size for your swimmer(s) by Wednesday June 26th.  If you are unsure of your size, please attend this event to get fitted for the correct suit size.  Remember that these suits are to be worn at all swim meets, so the fit should be snug.   If you are unable to attend this event, please check the TYR size chart, or go to Metro Swim Shop to get sized in person between  10 AM-5 PM   through Wednesday, June 26.
**We will place our team t-shirt and team suit order on  Thursday, June 27.  Please keep in mind that after this date, you will be unable to change your suit size and style, and exchanges WILL NOT be made. ** 
We will have MAKO team gear and equipment for purchase during this event. TYR stickers, lanyards and water bottles will be given away while supplies last. 
Personalized latex and silicone caps must be ordered by   Friday, June 28 to receive them for the upcoming season.  We will have order forms available at the suit fitting, or you may download the form and scan and send it to me via email.
As a reminder, you will receive your team suit, t-shirt, cap, GMU bag tag and GMU parking pass (1 per family) at our orientation meet and greet on Wednes day, August 28 (time/location TBD), or during the first week of swim practices starting on   Monday, September 9.