Torpedoes Briefs

11 Jun 2019

Quote for the week: “When someone tells me “NO”, it does not mean that I cannot do it, it simply means, I cannot do it with them.”

~Karen E. Quinones Miller



Good afternoon TorpedoesNation,         

THT Summer Steam

                Many thanks to our many job workers this past weekend.  THT could not put on a meet like this without your help.  Running meets helps keep our costs as some of the lowest in the state, and we thank you again for making it possible.

                We had many athletes making best times, more than 60% of our swims were the fastest times our athletes had ever swum.  Thanks so much for making it a great, fast meet.


Treasurer Tuesday

                Tonight, the treasurer will be in the classroom selling:

                Vintage T-shirts $5.      THT Tumblers $25.    THT Socks $12.     Group (Color) Caps $12.


Please stop by to get your THT gear.  Also, we will take order for THT Stadium bleacher seats (example available) for $60.

Making Waves

                The last of our team suits from Making Waves will be delivered to the pool tomorrow.  Please see coach Dave to pick up your suits.


Linton Swim meet

                Registration is open now, and you can sign up for this fun, evening, outdoor meet.

                Tuesday, June 25th (This date is finally correct).   Warmups begin at 6pm, in Linton.


SEY Summer Splash

                The last big meet of the summer is open for entries.  This is a long way away from Terre Haute, but our athletes love racing outdoors, and racing some very high caliber competition from Indiana and Kentucky.  Please sign up if your athlete is interested.


Upcoming Events:

22-23 Jun:  PCST Paddle in the Park Swim Meet

25 Jun:  Open Water State Meet (Eagle Creek)

25 Jun:  Linton- Marshall- THT Tri Meet (Linton)

29 Jun:  THT Summer Cuts Bonanza

12-14 Jul:  SEY Summer Splash


Link (from USA Swimming)

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