Suits, Sudley and Spirit meals!

Good morning Lancers!

Today is our last day of afternoon practice. Tomorrow we move to mornings.  Here are a few reminders about mornings:

1. The back gate to the pool will be open (off the parking lot)-the front gate to the club will not be unlocked for Lancers so please use the parking lot gate

2. We will use all 6 lanes for practice.  The baby pool and deep/shallow areas will not be open for sibling pool play but the playground will be!

3.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays the club will opne at 10am to a daycare grop.  We will be sharing the grounds with this group while our  8&Unders and Lil' Lancers finish their practice.  Please alert your swimmers to the fact that we will be sharing space and making friends this summer!  

Team Suits please order today if you plan to order so we can process orders in a timely manner.

Commit your swimmers and choose parent jobs for Sudley meet today please so that coaches can begin to input entries this evening. Half of the team has commited but we are missing the other half still.  surprise

MOD pizza fundraiser is tomorrow!  Please stop in to suppot the team from 10am-10pm.  Just tell them you are with the Lancers! 

BRIXX pizza fundraiser is on Sunday evening from 5pm-8pm.  Bring in the flyer that was on your wideshield at Time Trials.  Email us if you need another flyer!