PCY/BASH Summer Classic Invite Updates & Warm Ups



Date: June 14-16, 2019

Location: Miami University 750 S Oak Street Oxford, Ohio




Friday Senior 800 Free only (SPY HAS NO SWIMMERS)
Warm-up 12:00 PM Meet: 1:00 PM

Friday 11-12, 13-14, 15 & Over, Senior

Coach John

  • Deck Opens at 2:45pm
  • Team Stretch 2:50pm
  • Pool 3:30- 4:00pm in Lane 4 with HHY
  •  Meet Start 4:10 p.m. Meet Finish about 7:15pm

Saturday & Sunday A.M. Sessions - 11-12, 13-14, 15 & Over, Senior

  • Pool Deck Opens 6:45am
  • Team Stretch 7:15am
  • Pool 7:25- 7:50 a.m.
  • Meet Start: 8:10 a.m.

Saturday and Sunday P.M. Sessions - 8 & Under, 9-10

  • Pool Deck Opens at 1:45pm
  • Team Stretch 1:50pm
  • Pool 2:00-2:25pm lane 8
  • Meet Start 2:35pm



  • All 11 & over events are seeded fast to slow.
    • Saturday and Sunday AM sessions, the 50-meter events start from the scoreboard end of the pool.
    • The 200 meter relays start from the balcony end of the pool.
    • All other events start from two ends. Odd heats start at the balcony end and even heats start at the scoreboard end.
  • All 10 & under events are seeded slow to fast.
    • The 50-meter events will start at the scoreboard end of the pool.
    • All other events start at the balcony end of the pool.

WARM-UP SAFETY PROCEDURES: Teams will be assigned lanes for warm-ups. During designated warm up sessions, athletes may only enter the competition pools from the starting end. Athletes are expected to use a three-point entry in which they sit on the side of the pool then slide into the pool gently, with one hand on the wall. The exception is during specific warm up periods when sprint lanes are designated for practicing racing starts.

Coaches are responsible for the safety of their athletes and are expected to monitor them at all times during warm up sessions.

STARTS: 'Fly-over' starts may be used at this meet. If used, all swimmers (except for Backstroke starts) should remain in the water at the completion of their race until the next heat has begun.

SWIMS (USA-S): This meet has been approved by USA Swimming. Therefore, all individual times will be automatically submitted for entry into SWIMS provided USA- S ID numbers have been included with your entry.

RESULTS: Any results displayed on the scoreboard are unofficial until final results are published. Results will be posted on and Meet Mobile. No paper results will be displayed in the venue.

PROTEST PROCEDURE: Protests may only be initiated by a person with standing, that is, a coach or YMCA supervisor whose team is competing in the meet. The Meet Committee will arbitrate protests, eligibility issues, safety rules and other issues. Protests against the judgment decisions of starters, stroke, turn, place and relay take-off judges can only be considered by the Referee and the Referee’s decisions will be final USA-S Rule 102.23.

CLERK OF COURSE: Clerk of Course will not be used for any event. Swimmers are to report directly to the blocks. Meet staff will aid all the younger swimmers.

MEET CONDUCT AND RESTRICTIONS: The Meet Referee reserves the right to dismiss any swimmer, coach and/or spectator from the competition due to inappropriate conduct

  • Deck access is limited to only registered and approved coaches, swimmers, and working officials. No parent or spectator will be allowed on deck except at the request of the meet director or meet officials.

  • Except where the venue facilities require otherwise, changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is not appropriate and is prohibited. The USA Swimming Rulebook defines Deck Change as: “Changing, in whole or in part, into or out of a swimsuit (excluding a drag suit) in an area other than a permanent or temporary locker room, bathroom, changing room or other space designated for changing purposes while at a practice, competition, or other pool-related activity.” This includes slipping off the top of a one-piece performance suit to place on an alternate bikini top immediately following a race.

  • Glass, Food, and Chairs are not permitted on deck.

  • enlightenedThe use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.

  • enlightenedPlease REMIND your Children>>Photographs and video are not allowed to be taken behind the block during competition.

  • Massage tables are not permitted.

  • Individuals are responsible for the security of their personal belongings and are encouraged not to bring valuables to the meet venue and not to leave items unattended.

  • Swimmers are not permitted in the spectator stands.


Locker Rooms and Changing Facilities: The Women and Men’s locker rooms are located on the pool deck level. Locker space is not available for daily use. Belongings may be stored on deck in team areas. Miami University is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

First Aid/Training Needs: Lifeguards are trained to handle water emergencies and first aid on the deck. Please report all first aid issues to the Aquatic Staff.

Prohibited Items: The following items are not permitted in the facility: Glass, lawn chairs, coolers, and Helium balloons. There is no food allowed on the pool deck.

Banners: One professionally made banner per team may be displayed. Banners will be hung by the facility staff.

Flash Photography: Flash photography is not permitted at the start of any race.

Team Seating: Team seating is available on a first-come basis by session. Belongings should be removed from the deck between sessions for area cleaning. Spectator gallery is also available on a first-come basis. Saving of seats is prohibited.

Wireless Internet Access: Wireless internet access will be available throughout the meet.

Shaving: Shaving is not permitted in the facility.

enlightenedMiami University is a non smoking campus


  • HEAT SHEETS/PROGRAMS: Heat sheets will be available in the upstairs lobby.
  • HANDICAP SEATING: Space for wheel chairs is provided in the spectator area
  • LOST AND FOUND: Lobby – pool level


  • No Flash Photography at the start of competition races.

  • No personal chairs are allowed in the spectator area

  • Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children. Children are notallowed to roam the facility unattended.

  • enlightenedThe use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is notpermitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.

  • Spectators are not permitted on deck

  • No smoking, drugs, or alcohol are permitted in the swimming complex.

  • Coolers are not permitted in the facility. There are snacks available at the proshop. Food is not permitted on the pool deck. Drinks only are allowed on deck, but not in glass bottles.

LIABILITY LIMITS:In granting of the USA-S/Ohio LSC approval, it is understood and agreed that USA Swimming and Ohio LSC shall be free and held harmless from any liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of the meet.

In granting the YMCA Sanctioning, it is understood and agreed that YMCA of the USA shall be free and held harmless from any liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of the meet.

EMERGENCIES: The facility personnel will handle all emergencies at the meet. These individuals will provide CPR and first aid as needed and will ensure that individuals with serious injuries are transported immediately to the nearest hospital for further treatment. Defibrillators will be on site

Any coach, athlete or official who recognizes an emergency situation should immediately inform the facility’s personnel and then make sure the vicinity of the emergency is clear for the emergency personnel to do their job.

CONCUSSION AWARENESS: This meet will follow the YMCA of USA Concussion procedure. Anyone who observes or has knowledge of a potential head injury should immediately notify lifeguards and/or hired medical personnel. Once the injury report is completed, the lifeguard and/or hired medical personnel will notify the Event Staff, the athlete’s coaching staff, and the Meet Director.

If a head injury occurs, the action plan below will be followed:

  1. Athlete is removed immediately from participation by the Meet Director

  2. Athlete must be evaluated by a licensed health care professional experienced

    in identifying and treating concussions. In addition, the athlete must be in compliance with the laws that are in effect within the jurisdiction where the meet is held.

  3. The coaching staff will inform the athlete’s parents or guardians about the possible concussion and give or send them the fact sheet on concussion.

  4. The athlete will not be allowed back to warm-up or compete until a health care professional, experienced in evaluating concussions determines that the athlete is symptom-free and is OK to return to participation.

LIGHTNING POLICY: The National Lightning Safety Institute, National Athletic Trainers Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, USA Swimming, and YMCA of the USA all recommend or require closing an indoor pool during an electrical storm. This policy will be followed at the meet.

DRONES: Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials and/or spectators are present.

enlightened​EVACUATION PROCEDURE: In the event of evacuation, Miami staff will provide necessary instructions.

PARKING Event parking will be available in the parking garage located next to the Recreational Sports Center at the standard rate.