Highlands Swim Team Newsletter - #4


The newsletter is a couple days early this week, because we have some very important information about Time Trials and the B Meet on Monday.

  • The deadline to sign up for Time Trials is tomorrow, June 13. There are still 78 swimmers who are not registered for Time Trials. In order for your swimmer to participate in the Meet, you must register them TODAY. Please decline the meet if they are unable to attend.
  • The deadline to sign up for the first B Meet is Sunday, June 16.
  • The deadline to commit your availability for the first A Meet is on Monday, June 17 (this does not guarantee your swimmer will be swimming at an A meet. This indicates to the coaches that your swimmer will be in town and available to swim if they are one of the qualifying swimmers. Knowing who is available before seeding is extremely helpful to our coaches and streamlines the process.)

We need key positions filled for Time Trials on Saturday. We absolutely need 1 Marshals and 1 timer to start and run the meet.  We also need more volunteers to sign up for Clean Up for the Family Lunch. Please volunteer to help. Thanks to all those who have already volunteered!!

This week's newsletter includes: Time Trials details, other important deadlines approaching, B Meet information, A Note to Our Parents, Swim Team Picture Day details with a link to the Order Form, Regular Season Practice Schedule starts next week, and Mini Whompers starts next week.

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