The WRMS 12 & Under Program

The W. Ross Macdonald 12 & Under Program

About the Pool:  The pool at W. Ross Macdonald School is a 6 lane 25 yd. pool.  We don’t share the pool with any other programs running at the same time as our Junior practice sessions. Young swimmers find it much easier to focus on task as there are no distractions.

About Video Feedback:  We operate 3 video feedback systems for surface and underwater video. Each system includes a 43 inch flat screen. The systems are used for small group teaching (Tribes Learning Theory) The systems operate every minute of every practice. Each coach working in our 12 & Under Program also has an iPad at every practice. Our normal Video system to swimmer ratio is 1 to 7.

Constant video feedback greatly enhances the development of technical excellence.

The W. Ross Junior Program is the only one in Canadian Swimming that offers this level of video based technical instruction.

A Focus on Technical Excellence: Long Term Athlete Development Programs typically focus on training rather than on skill development. Training skills are clearly important but developing technical excellence is far more important to a long and successful career in swimming.  Technical excellence lessens the probability of shoulder injury later in a swimmer’s career.

Individual Attention:  Young swimmers thrive in an environment that offers a great deal of individual attention. The combination of a coach to swimmer ratio under 1 to 10 along with a video system ratio of 1 to 7 is a winning combination for young swimmers.

Mentoring Program: Saturday morning practices include 30 minutes of Senior Swimmer to Junior Swimmer Mentoring. Mentoring is normally offered on a ratio of 1 to 1. Benefits of the mentoring program include individual attention – much like a private lesson, it’s a great leadership development model for our Senior Swimmers and finally, it encourages a
“team family” where our Juniors and Seniors become invested in each other’s performance.

Social and Team Building Activities:

  • Camp Ak-O-Mak:  The team spends a long weekend at Camp Ak-O-Mak in the Parry Sound/Magnetawan Area. We leave for camp after school, Thursday after Labour Day, returning around 6:00pm on Sunday. Members of our Varsity Group act as cabin counsellors. We canoe, swim, play land sports – the best ever way to start the season!! 
  • Bike and Breakfasts:  We run a fall and spring Bike & Breakfast where the Juniors bike along the Grand River from Paris to Glen Morris, ending up at our Coach’s home for a huge breakfast and social time. The Seniors start their ride at W. Ross, biking more than double the distance of the Junior ride.
  • Team Breakfasts: Juniors participate in several additional breakfasts during their season, one with the entire team and one that’s just for members of the 12 & Under (Junior) program.

Fee for Service Program:  Our swim fees cover the cost of operating the program – not important for the 12 & Under Swimmers but very important for our parent group. A majority of our parents help with the operation of 4 or 5 after school meets – a commitment of 2 or 3 hours per meet. We don’t require fundraising. We don’t run weekend long meets so there’s no work requirement for parents or family members.

Aqua 7 Dual Meet Program:  Dual meets involve competitions between our team and another team from the Aqua 7 League all of which are in our immediate area. Teams include Ancaster, Wilmot, Ingersoll, St. Thomas, and Norfolk. We plan to host three or four home meets, normally after school on Tuesday or Wednesday. The Aqua 7 meets involve our whole team including a number of swimmers from W. Ross Macdonald School.