In the last month USA swimming has put together a set of guideline to continue to protect all of our athletes .  USA swimming has always been proactive to try to keep all athletes safe. There was a need for further action and ALL teams and members have to adhere to the new guidelines. 
Please read the document and take the time to learn what you can and can not do going forward. The videos are worth watching  All new policies take place starting June 23rd
Here are some highlights: 
  • Any Athlete who is 18 will need to complete the Athlete Protection Course offered by USA swimming. If not completed the Athlete will not be able to compete or practice with a team. 
  • Athletes under 18 must include an adult, preferably their parent, on all correspondence (text message or email) with their coach or other non athlete member (officials, chaperones, board members). 
  • If the Athlete doesn’t include an adult on their coorespondence then either the coach or non athlete may not respond without including another adult on their reponse.  
  • Communication needs to happen between 8am-8pm unless there is an situation of immediate importance, example practices canceled, location of practice changed etc. 
There are many other protocols that must be followed and some will evolve over the nest few months. This is a new program for USA swimming so there may be some adjustments as it is implemented. OCA will do its best to keep all members updated.