IMPORTANT! New USA Swimming Minor Athlete Protection Guidelines

NTC swim families,

Please take a moment to read this important information. 

  USA Swimming and the Center for Safe Sport have created new guidelines for athlete protection, primarily centered around electronic communications between coaches/staff and minor athletes. With our team, this will most affect our Senior 1 and Senior 2 group members. 

Going forward please help us establish these rules for when your swimmers wish to reach out to the coaches electronically:

  • A Parent/Guardian needs to be a part of any text to the coaches. Have your swimmer add your number to their conversations with the coaching staff. 
  • A Parent/Guardian needs to be CC’d on any email communications with the coaches. 
  • Communication between coaches and swimmers will be limited to the hours of 8:00am-8:00pm with exceptions for emergencies only (practice cancelations, for example).
  • Swimmers may follow @NTCAquatics and @SwimCoachAlex on Instagram but need to refrain from use of direct messaging to those accounts. We also will not follow the social media accounts of any minor athletes. (On occasion, swimmers have sent messages to share videos of races/drills of elite athletes to ask questions about technique. Swimmers should save these videos and ask these questions of the coaches on deck.)

Athlete Protection Policy Affecting NTC Swimmers, Ages 17 & Over:
  In addition to these protections for electronic communications with minor athletes, another component of the policy will affect our swimmers ages 17 & over. 

  • All NTC team members who are currently 18 & over must complete the online USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training before June 23, 2019. 
  • After June 23, 2019, all swimmers age 17 will need to complete this training before they turn 18. 
  • This training will be required to completed annually. The affected 18 & over swimmers will be ineligible to compete, by USA Swimming rules, after June 23, 2019, unless they are current with the training requirement.


More detailed information about the  new minor athlete protection policies can be found  here

An  FAQ about the 17&Over requirements for Athlete Protection Training is available  here

The Athlete Protection Training for 17&Over athletes is available here


Thank you,

-NTC Coaches