Weekly Notes for June 17-22

Practices for June 17-22:  SUMMER PRACTICE SCHEDULE!   Monday thru Friday= regular summer schedules.  NO Saturday & Sunday due to MOR Meet.         Pre-Team=  Tue/Thu, 10-10:45a.     Bronze= Mon/Wed, 4-5 & Tue/Thu, 9-10a.     Silver= Mon/Wed, 5-6 & Tue/Thu, 9-10a  + dryland Tue/Thu 8:20-8:50a.     Gold= AM's are Mon-Fri, 7:30-9 (or 7-8:30a) w/dryland M/W/F, 9:10-9:50a and PM's are Mon/Tue/Thu, 4-5:30 (only 1 practice per day).     Senior= Mon-Fri, 7-9a w/dryland M/W/F, 9:10-9:50a and PM's are Mon/Tue/Thu, 4-6.

Meet Commit DeadlineJune 17 is deadline for the July 5-7 MOR LCM Qualifier Meet.

SMS Suggested!   It's highly suggested each family has set up the SMS (text messaging) in their accounts.  This will only be used for last second announcements (i.e. practice cancellations).  You can set-up 4 numbers to receive messages in each family account.  Additionaly, each swimmer can have 1 additional SMS# set up.  Follow these steps:  1) Sign into your Team Unify account;  2) Click My Account in My Account;  3) Find SMS Cell# set-up to the right;  4) type in the phone number and click the carrer;  5) click Save in upper right;  6) Click Verify your SMS when asked;  6) You will see 1 of 3 different mesages (1= Success; 2= cell # already been validated; 3= sorry no match).  If you receive the No the resend for the # and carrier and then you hopefully receive very (make sure to check the cell# to make sure it's correct).  See Barry if you are having trouble with this.  We've had a few recent practices where it's been cancelled due to thunder/lightning and some days when it's been in question.  I will ONLY send these SMS's if there's a cancellation or sudden announcement.