Blue and Gold Squad Rosters

Hello LMT Swimmers and Families,
As you know, the LMT Swim Team has 2 competitive swim squads as follows:
        Gold Squad (LBSL Red Division-Competes at dual meets)
        Blue Squad (LBSL Blue Division-Competes at dual meets)
Competitive (non-rec) Swimmers must attend a minimum of 3 dual meets to participate in Champs.  Invitational meets are optional but encouraged.
I, along with the coaching staff, have worked tirelessly on forming the best possible squad placements for each and every one of our swimmers and for our team as a whole. Each and every one of our swimmers play an important part in the squad in which they have been assigned to for this season, and an even bigger part in showing their commitment, demonstrating sportsmanship and positivity of LMT Swimming as a whole.
Guidelines for Squad Placement are based on Mock Meet times along with sibling placement, team balance as well as my discretion. Please understand that we work hard to make these assignments and we do not allow adjustments. Thank you for your understanding.
Due to League requirements, no child can change teams or swim in more than one squad in the same season.
The completed squad assignments are now posted on our website. To see your swimmer’s Squad placement,
Go to and log in.
To see rosters, hover over “Dual Meets” on the Top Navigation bar and select the Gold/Blue Rosters to find your name.

1. Log into team website:
2. Find the swim meet you want to sign your child up for. Make sure it is the proper meet and you have double checked the squad. Click on the event name
3. In the top/right corner there will be a button called Attend/Decline. Click on this button
4. Click on the name of your first swimmer; Select YES if your swimmer can attend; NO if your swimmer cannot attend. Click SAVE CHANGES.
5. Double check that your changes were saved and your swimmer is committed accurately. If you have more than 1 swimmer, repeat step #4 for each additional swimmer.
6. Once you have committed each of your swimmers, you are done and can move around on the website.
If a swimmer commits and doesn’t show up at a dual meet, that swimmer cannot swim the next dual meet.
The DEADLINE to sign up for each dual meet is as follows:
Meet on June 27: Deadline 6/24 @ midnight
Meet on July 2: Deadline 6/30 @ midnight
Meet on July 9: Deadline 7/7 @ midnight
Meet on July 16: Deadline 7/14 @ midnight
Meet on July 18: Deadline 7/16 @ midnight
Meet on July 23: Deadline 7/21 @ midnight
Volunteer job signups are now open. Make sure you sign up for jobs at the meets your swimmer is participating in (and be careful to sign up for the right squad’s jobs-meaning, if you are a "Blue" family, make sure you sign up for jobs only at a Blue Meet!)
Parents are expected to work the required # of dual meet volunteer shifts (3 for 1 child and 4 for 2 or more children). This does not include Mock Meet or Invitationals.
Remember, if you have a swimmer age 10 or under, you must sign up for at least 1 shift as a Mouse Parent.
1. Go to and log in.
2.  Click on the Events tab. Scroll down and select the event you want to work. Click Job Sign Up in the upper right hand corner. Sign up for the job you want to work and make sure you Save Changes.
You must be signed up for your required # of jobs by the first meet or your swimmer will not be rostered in that meet.
Thank you for your continued cooperation, support, commitment, and dedication to our swimmers and the LMT Swim program. I am looking forward to a successful, fun, and positive meet season!
Coach Kathryn