Parents info: How do I check my volunteer hours worked?

How do I know how many service hours I have worked?  Great question!

Log in to our Tigersharks Team Unify website.

Click>My account>My Invoice Payment>Service Hours tab.

Your current invoice tab will be at the top (Sept 2018--unless you joined the team at a later date)

If your balance is a negative number, it means you have HIT or exceeded your required 30 hours. 

If your balance has a positive number (for instance, the number says 10), it means that is how many MORE hours you need to work to hit your required number of hours.   

Note, as of the moment this email went out (June 17th at 9:50am), Miami Classics hours HAVE NOT yet posted.  

Reach back to this email with any questions you may have!

Laura Connock

PCY Volunteer Coordinator


Here is a list of reasons why sometimes families don’t get their allotted credit:
They signed in online but did not show
They signed in online, showed to work, but did not sign in at the meet anywhere
They did not sign in online, worked anyway, but did not sign in at the meet anywhere
They did not sign in, got pulled from the stands to time,  but missed signing in on the timer sheet
They signed in on the timer sheet, but their name is completely illegible
They had a friend or family member work, and that person signed in under their own name, rather than the family account name
They have a name that is different than the name the account and they signed in under that name, and I cannot trace it back to any account in the system
Every one of these situations happens every single season.