MAAPP Implementation Deadline Approaching


The MAAPP implementation date is quickly approaching! Please make sure you have completed the following tasks by June 23, 2019 in order to be in compliance with the new policy.

  1. All club teams are required to post the MAAPP to their club website. The MAAPP can be located here,
  2. The policy must be emailed directly to all of your current membership.
  3. All Applicable Adults, USAS members, and non-athlete USAS members must acknowledge having read or been explained MAAPP. This acknowledgement can be completed electronically or by hard copy. It will be the clubs responsibility to maintain record of proof of their membership’s acknowledgements. NOTE: The General Acknowledgement section of MAAPP does not have to be completed by June 23, 2019. Member clubs must adopt MAAPP by June 23 and adhere to its guidelines going forward. The written acknowledgements must be completed at some point in 2019 and then going forward on an annual basis.
  4. All 18 and older athletes registered with the club must have completed the Athlete Protection Training. Failing to complete the APT test will impact the athlete's ability to compete at meets. For more detailed information on how to complete the APT please click the following link: APT USA Swimming
  5. All club policies updated to include the changes found in the Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy.
  6. All appropriate permission forms executed by the appropriate party. These include permission forms for carpool/local transportation, travel to meets, and travel accommodations - if a minor athlete has direct contact with an 18 or older athlete or an unrelated applicable adult for any of these reasons the parent/guardian must sign a permission form.

Attached are the sample permission forms and a sample of the MAAPP acknowledgment form. Please forward these on to your members.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much! Rachel Woodard