ORG Levels 4, 5, Xcel Athletes Medal at 2019 Open Championships

ORG Levels 4, 5 & Xcel Athletes Medal at USA Open Championships

Level 5 Highlights

  • Evelyn, 1st Floor, 2nd Hoop, 2nd AA
  • Ivana, 4th(tie) Rope, 4th Clubs, 5th AA
  • Elizabeth, 4th(tie) Rope, 5th Clubs, 6th AA
  • Maria, 7th Rope
  • Emma, 9th Clubs
  • Beginner Group, 1st place with AA score high enough to medal at Junior Olympics.

Level 4 Highlights

  • Retta, 3rd Rope, 5th AA
  • Claire, 9th Floor, 10th Ball

Xcel Highlights

  • Adele, 1st Level Hoop, 1st Level Ball - Special Award 'Highest Average Score'
  • Viktoriya, 1st Level Floor, High Score - Special Award 'Most Consistent Gymnast'
  • Giulia, 1st Level Hoop, 1st Level Ribbon, High Score  - Special Award 'Wonder Woman'
  • Odelia, 1st Level Hoop(tie) High Score, 1st Level Ball - Special Award 'Gymnast having the most Fun'
  • Kiana, 1st Level Hoop(tie), High Score