Outdoor Swimming FAQ

What is considered too cold?

What we have found is the combined temperature of the air and water should equal 130 degrees for us to run practice. We understand that the kids are different and because we have our indoor pool temp around 82 degrees it might be a little cold. We encourage you to attend and if you feel it is too cold, we will have you get out and dress warmly. Please bring warm clothes to dress in.

What should I wear to and from outdoor practices?

Wearing warm clothes like; parkas, hoodies, pants, etc.…This will help you be warm before entering the pool and after will help you warm back up quicker. Allow your body to warm up gradually following practice.

What if it is raining?

We still hold practice during the rain. If, however if thunder and/or lighting is detected we will exit the pool. Keep your stuff in the locker rooms during days like this.