LEVEL 3, 4 & 5 Afternoon in Water Supplements

The purpose of this policy is to stimulate the practice of planning and communication as a life skill. As well as put choices and consequences into a shorter-term setting. The point is this: You can choose your actions, or you can choose your consequences, but you can’t choose both.

LEVEL 3, 4 & 5 have afternoon supplements during the short LC practice season. We would like to clarify what this afternoon practice is designed for. It is a supplement or extension to the morning LC practice and not a make-up or substitution. We would rather have you miss the afternoon than the morning, of course attending both would be most beneficial. Looking at it from a choices and consequences perspective. If you choose not to attend the morning practice, then you have also made a choice not to attend the afternoon practice and the consequence you miss out on swim practice that day. We understand things come up which may prevent you from attending the morning LC practice, in this case please communicate with your coach at least two days in advance (in person is preferable but e-mail also works) to request to attend the afternoon practice that day. The two days will give the coach time to approve or deny your request. This is also allowing a conversation to start so we can be the best coach for you. Whatever you do, own your choice.

Examples of reasons a swimmer can miss morning practice and attend afternoon:

  • Medical/Dental appointments (we highly encourage you to make these appointments outside of practice times).
  • Religious instruction.
  • Driver's license test.
  • Serious family emergency.
  • Car trouble
  • Special requests from swimmer (pre-arranged with coach). 

Examples of reasons to not miss morning practice and attend afternoon:

  • Oversleeping/alarm failure
  • Personal grooming appointments (hair, nails, tanning, etc)
  • Shopping/errands
  • Needed at home/babysitting
  • Needing sleep or rest