Great day for celebrating the annual party of PDST

On June 15th, PDST Annual Party was held as scheduled. About 400 swimmers of PDST and their families gathered in Lakemont Community Park, for celebrating the annual event.
Warm conversation, hearty laughter, rapturous applause----in this wonderful afternoon, we share gourmet and joy of progress together. In the party, 46 swimmers awards by their effort over the past year.
It’s a special annual party. 11 years ago, PDST was founded by coach Xiaowei Xu and coach Peiyong Li, the first place for the annual party was just right here with only 34 swimmers. 11 years have passed, it’s the second time we stood here. PDST has already extended to about 200 swimmers currently, and they got a lot of growth by their effort during the training and meet.
Today's all comes from past efforts. It not only comes from coaches but also comes from you, every one of you.
Thanks to our swimmers, parents, volunteers, and coaches for the hard work and dedication.Our warmest congratulations again to our swimmers for your fantastic performance over the past year.Special thanks to the volunteers for this amazing party.
Let's look forward to the party next year!


Coach Leon from PDST