June/July 2019 Patriot News


Patriot News June/July 2019


Calander Updates

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Program (MAAPP)

Upcoming Meets

Parent Commitees


Patriots Swimming June/July Calendar Updates

June 2019

Tuesday, May 28-Thursday, May 30: Regular Practice Schedule all groups.

Friday, May 31-Sunday, June 2: Patriots WTS Hosted Swim Meet, No Practice all groups. Get signed up to volunteer for our meet  HERE


Monday, June 3- Thursday, June 6: Regular Practice all groups

Friday, June 7:  Prairie Springs Park Cleanup, Beach Volleyball, Pizza 5-7:30pm ALL GROUPS

Saturday, June 8: Blue/Senior 6:30-8:30am, last 30 minutes dryland


****On Monday, June 10 we will begin our summer schedule. All morning practices will be LCM and all evening practices will be SCY*****

Barracuda:                Monday-Thursday 5-6pm                              Friday 9-10am

Fitness+Technique: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday 5-6:15pm

Red:                           Monday-Friday 9-10:15am                            Monday-Thursday 5-6:15pm

White:                        Monday-Friday 9-10:30am                            Monday-Thursday 5-6:30pm

Blue:                          Monday-Friday 8:30-10:30am                       Monday-Thursday 5-7pm

Senior:                       Monday-Friday 7-9am                                   Monday-Thursday 4-6pm



Monday, June 10-Wednesday, June 12: Regular Practice Schedule all groups

Thursday, June 13: AM practice only due to OW Zone Clinic. Senior 7-9am, Blue 8:30-10:30am, White 9-10:30am, Red 9-10:15am, Barracuda 9-10am.

Friday, June 14: AM practice only due to OW Zone and SWAT Swim Meet. Senior 7-9am, Blue 8:30-10:30am, White 9-10:30am, Red 9-10:15am, Barracuda 9-10am



Monday, June 17-Thursday, June 20: Regular Practice Schedule all groups

Friday, June 21: Blue+Senior 6-8am, Barracuda, Red, White: No Practice

Saturday, June 22: Blue/Senior 6:30-8:30am, last 30 minutes dryland

Sunday, June 23: No practice all groups (PP Triathlon)


Monday, June 24-Friday, June 28: Regular Practice Schedule all groups

*June 27th Open Water State* Sign up  HERE

Saturday, June 29: Blue/Senior 6:30-8:30am, last 30 minutes dryland

Sunday, June 30: No practice all groups


 Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Program (MAAPP)

Minor Athlete Protection Policy (MAAPP)


Last spring, the U.S. Center for SafeSport created new requirements to prevent abuse that all National Governing Bodies must follow. USA Swimming has released a new policy tailored to the sport to their Safe Sport policy called the Minor Athlete Protection Policy (MAAPP) which must be implemented by June 23, 2019. This policy creates standards for interactions between a minor athlete and an applicable adult (e.g. USA Swimming adult athlete and non-athlete members, club staff, participating non-members). We would like all of our families to review the new policy found  HERE

All athletes 18 years old or over must complete the  Athlete Protection Training provided by USA Swimming in order to participate starting June 23, 2019.

MAAPP addresses five areas:

  • One-on One Interactions: Interactions between an Applicable Adult and minor must be interpretable and in a location that is observable and have another adult there.
  • Local & Team Travel: Prior to travel, the legal guardian must provide written consent that their minor athlete can travel alone. Applicable adults cannot travel alone with an unrelated minor athlete without the guardian’s written consent.
  • Social Media & Electronic Communication: Unless during competition travel or an emergency situation, all electronic communication must be between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Legal guardians can request that all electronic communication with their athlete be stopped by providing us with a written notice. All electronic communication between an applicable adult (e.g. coach) and a minor athlete must include the minor athlete’s legal guardian. If the communication is to the entire team from an Applicable Adult to minor athletes, another adult must be copied. For social media, minor athletes and Applicable adults (e.g. coach), must not send messages or social media or accept requests on social media.
  • Locker Rooms & Changing Areas: For the RecPlex Locker Room policy see HERE
  • Massages & Rubdowns: Any and all athletically related modality which requires hands-on contact is forbidden by USA Swimming coaches. 


Additional resources:


Please contact the coaching staff with any questions.






Meet Deadline and Information Update for LC 2019

*Welcome To Summer*

Fri-Sun May 31-June 2


All Groups


CZ Open Water Clinic

Thursday June 13




CZ Open Water Champs

Friday June 14




SWAT Invite

Fri-Sun June 14-16


All Groups


WI-IL Open Water State Champs

Thursday June 27




*July Invite*

Fri-Sun July 5-7


All Groups


EBSC Dual Meet

Wednesday July 10


All Groups


Silver State

Fri-Sun July 19-21


All Groups


12&U State Champs

Fri-Sun July 26-28




13&O State Champs

Thurs-Sun Aug 1-4




*Central Zones Champs*

Thurs-Sun Aug 1-4




Futures Champs

Thurs-Sun Aug 1-4



Des Moines, IA


PX3 Welcome to Summer

May 31-June 2 for all team members. This is a Patriots hosted meet and all members need to volunteer or you will be assessed the buyout of $40. The last day to register online is 5/24 and we are submitting our entries on 5/26. That leaves us little time for review.  

Central Zone Open Water Championships

June 13 Open water clinic open to all athletes, registration on Patriots Website.  Click Here to access registration page. This is a really fun event, with great staff and swimmers from all over the Midwest.

June 14 Open Water Zone Championship for qualified athletes.  Click here to view the event page on Patriots Website. WE CANNOT REGISTER YOUR ATHLETE, YOU MUST DO IT WITH TEAM WISCONSIN. Click Here to access the Wisconsin Swimming Zone Team Portal and get information about registration and competition. This must be done by Monday, June 5, at the latest. 


SWAT Summer Grand Prix

June 16-18 for all team members. The online registration will close on June 2. But, we are submitting a preliminary entry to the host on to help them gauge entries. We would like to have most of our families signed up at that point. We will be submitting our final entry on June 3, leaving us 1 day to review/correct entries.

Please remember that Saturday/Sunday are prelims/finals for 11 and over swimmers.  If you qualify for finals you are expected to compete.  Sign up  HERE


WI/IL Open Water State Championships

June 27 open to all athletes that qualify.   Click Here to view meet event page. Again, these open water meets are a great deal of fun, we would really recommend you attend if qualified! This meet has an easier qualifying standard than the zone and also our LC state championships. Our online registration closes June 22 and entries will be submitted on June 23.  The meet information will contain the qualifying standard.


Patriots July Invite

July 5-7 open to all team members.  Sign up  HERE. Online registration closes June 30 and we will submit our entries July 2.  We want extra time for entry revision given this is our last full team meet. This is also a Patriots hosted meet and families need to volunteer or they will be assessed the $40 volunteer buyout. Job signup is now available  HERE.

Summer LC Regionals

July 19-21 Open to all athletes.  Sign up  HERE.  This is a championship season meet at the RecPlex hosted by SWAT, so be excited and ready to swim fast! For those of you who are on the edge of State qualifying times, this is your chance to get them! 

2019 12&U Wisconsin State Championships

July 26-28 to QUALIFIED ATHLETES.  Our Wisconsin state championships for 12&U athletes.  It is at the RecPlex and hosted by MAC. Time Standards  HERE

2019 13&O Wisconsin State Championships

Aug 1-4 to QUALIFIED ATHLETES.  Wisconsin state champs for 13&Overs who have made their cuts.  It will be help at WSAC in Brown Deer, WI.Time Standards  HERE

2019 LC Central Zone Championships

Aug 1-4 to TEAM WISCONSIN ATHLETES.  This meet is the Central Zone championships for those athletes selected by their LSC to represent them here at the RecPlex. Team WIsconsin info HERE

2019 Futures Championships

Aug 1-4 Des Moines, IA for QUALIFIED ATHLETES. The next step beyond Speedo Secitonals, Futures championships is the next level before Jr Nationals. Info  HERE


 PARENT COMMITEES:  With the goal of creating a more involved and cohesive group of parents across all training groups, we have developed three parent committees.  Anyone can participate and present ideas to these.  The committees and their leadership are:

TEAM BUILDING Committee: Tasked with the goal of inclusion of all groups and ages in team oriented activities away from the pool and in celebration of accomplishments of fellow team members in competition.

Wendy DiProspero

Kristin Gewalt

Leidys Janneau

Wendy Carpenter

Kelly Wallander


VOLUNTEER Committee: Recruiting, organizing, and communicating with volunteers and groups necessary for team hosted events

Christina Walker

Jarame Baldwin

Michele Knott

Bridget Walker


EVENTS Committee: Assisting in the coordination of travel events, exploring events for future travel, and advocating for new events to come to the RecPlex.

Megan Frazer

Christina Walker

Kristin Gewalt

Jarame Baldwin