USA Swimming MAAPP & Athlete Protection Training

USA Swimming has recently announced an update to how it will be handling the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) and the Athlete Protection Training (APT) requirements. WSC is working to incorporate all of these requirements into our already robust Handbook and Policies. You can read more on our Team Website here. 

Per the USA Swimming SafeSport website, we must ensure that all of our adult members, including swimmers, coaches, officials, and other long-term volunteers (such as the coordinators) register with USA Swimming and receive the Athlete Protection Training every 12 months.  All of our Board Members, Coaches, Officials and Coordinators are currently held to these high standards. 

Our club will be asking swimming members who are 17 or older to complete the APT to ensure that there are no complications or delays in completion. We are asking for 17 and older to ensure, if they are turning 18 within the swim year they will already be covered, it will also be good practice. Please note if you are over the age of 18 and do not have the APT completed by June 23rd 2019 you will not be able to compete in any meets, per USA Swimming. 

Instructions have been attached for those have a USA Swimming memberships, so go ahead and complete the APT, Athlete Protection Training as soon as possible. It is free and takes about 45 minutes. Your USA Swimming Membership will be updated in 2-3 days.

Additionally, all members – coaches, officials, board members, coordinators, swimmers 17 years of age and older, and any and all adult volunteers must also review and agree to the Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy MAAPP. 

This means that anyone who works a meet, in any capacity, must have this on file somewhere. The MAAPP will be added to club registration for the 2019-2020 season, but until then, we must handle it manually.

The USA Swimming MAAPP has been attached along with the acknowledgement form. Please review the policy, sign the acknowledgement form and turn it into the black box. If you prefer an electronic link please fill out the form here.

Swimmers of Families that do not turn in the MAAPP Acknowledgement form by June 19th 2019, will not be allowed to swim or take part in WSC activities, including and not limited to practices, meets. 

Coaches are all aware of these upcoming changes and they have their APT as apart of the coaches credentials, they too will be signing an acknowledgment of MAAPP as well. 

Thank you all for working so hard for our club and our swimmers and know that we are making every effort to keep our minor athletes safe!

Kate Galloway
WSC President